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I was a geologist for about forty years until quite recently. As a geologist, I had many occasions working in foreign countries. Including long and short stays, I visited more than 20 countries and from all of them I had wonderful unforgettable memories and I received warm hospitalities. After retiring from company, it is now my turn to show beautiful and wonderful Japan to visitors from outside of Japan with worm hospitality.

I do not want to be a normal tour guide but to be a person who helps tourists to challenge and to be involved in many excitements and events of Japan. I think that tour is an occasion for tourists not only to see famous tour spot but to have experiences of being involved and participate in excitement and events of visiting country and this will give big impact to tourists to the extent changing their way of thinking and lives. I love to assist tourists to have such experiences of unforgettable memories during tour.



Srinivas Y.

Jan 11, 2020

My visit to Japan

Excellent tour guide. Excellent communication skills in English and Japanese. We are very satisfied with Masatsugu services. He has lot of patience and very polite. Overall we are very satisfied and i am proud to recommend him to my friends too.

Masatsugu O.

Thank you for your comments, Srinivas. It was my great pleasure visiting Kyoto together with you and your family. Masatsugu Okazaki


Lisa H.

May 30, 2019

Mr. Patient and keeping us happy

WOW!!!! Masatsugu is so amazingly patient and made sure we were always happy with our experience. He helped us arrange bullet train tickets to Mt. Fuji and gave us a great tour of Kyoto. I highly recommend him to anyone who is traveling in Japan.

Masatsugu O.

Thank you for your review of me, Lisa I just did as much as possible so that their staying in Japan became enjoyable and memorable. Mac (Masatsugu) Okazaki


Rajeev M.

Apr 19, 2019

Soft spoken/knowledgeable/Good comm skills/

Masatsugu demonstrated a lot of passion in showing us around Very flexible to our needs , patient and very good with all the 6 teenagers explaining them about Kyoto He designed our itinerary well but then. Was flexible to prioritize the key areas when we were running late as our group took a lot of pictures and were behind the schedule His communication with the van driver really helped us as we don’t have to worry about explaining anything. Max is a total professional considering his education and experience as a geologists and is proud of his heritage and did a wonderful Job with our group Mac we will get you again when we will be back and I will recommend you to ALL MY FRIENDS RAJEEV

Masatsugu O.

Thank you for your review, Rajeev. It was my great pleasure to guide you Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. I hope to see you again. Mac (Masatsugu) Okazaki


Linda A.

Apr 15, 2019

A great time in Kyoto

Me and my brother had a great time in Kyoto, he chose the best spots and was very efficient.

Masatsugu O.

I am glad you like it, Linda. It has been my pleasure to show you around Kyoto. Mac (Masatsugu) Okazaki