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Hi! I am Yoshi.

I am a professional certified tour guide (a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter).

I was born in Kagoshima, located in the southern most of Kyushu Island, and now live in Tokyo.

I worked for several Government offices for more than 30 years and then worked for an airport management company for more than ten years.

When I was engaged in these jobs, I had many chances to visit foreign and domestic cities and towns, and came fully to realize the uniqueness of Japanese culture and history. When you visit many historic sights and a lot of scenic spots in Japan, you will surely be fascinated by our unique culture and history as well as by our beautiful natural environment.

I will be very happy if I can make any help, with my bountiful knowledge about Japanese culture, history and geography as well as current Japanese social and economic conditions, for you to enjoy old and modern Japans during your stay in our country and to enhance the understanding about Japan and Japanese people. I will guide you with my utmost hospitality for your pleasant and memorable travel in Japan.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Aaron F.

Jan 5, 2020

Extremely capable, flexible guide

I booked Yoshi to help organize a custom tour of Tanegashima Island, which was not even an area of his special expertise. The trip required a great deal of planning and preparation, and some very unusual requests. Yoshi was consisently courteous, capable, and helpful under conditions that would make a lesser human being throw up his hands in frustration. I give him my highest recommendation!

Yoshi A.

Thank you for your cordial remarks! I greatly appreciate your kind review. I myself had a very good experience through the Tanegashima Tour. I was much amazed that you have such deep knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture. I sincerely hope your further success in your jobs and volunteering activities.


Richard S.

May 3, 2019

Avo if this guide

One of the worst tours we have ever had.Yoshi gave us very little information and his English was very poor.we were unable to visit the Vulcan I because of heavy traffic but no alternative was offered.we asked to go to a market but were taken to a supermarket Finally he could not even take us to a proper money changerA complete waste of of money, avoid this guide

Yoshi A.

I feel sorry that you couldn't enjoy the Kagoshima tour. As regards your review, I would like the following comments; -We made the tour in accordance with the contents of the voucher , omittIng Sakurajima island, which you agreed. -I showed you to the money exchange machine which you did not use because exchange rates were not shown on the machine.Although you preferrd to exchange at the counter of the shop, we couldn't find such place mainly because it was a holiday. -The place we visited last was one of the popular shopping sites in Kagoshima, not a supermarket. Anyway it is regretted you were not satisfied with the tour. Yoshi