One Day Still Bay Eels to Gin

Day Trip
Western Cape
Afrikaans (Native), English (Native)
8 hours 20 min
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 5 people

This will be a one day tour with the three BIG highlights in the Still Bay area. After a big breakfast at your accommodation, we leave for Still Bay which is about 50 kilos. We will go to the freshwater eels that has been in this area for more than 200 years. A big historical wheelchair friendly unique garden and then we proceed to making your own 500 ml Gin with your own name, label and flavour.

Meeting Point

At your accommodation

09:00 AM

Place of Accommodation

We leave on a short beautiful route via the Soetmelksrivier Pass to Still Bay.

09:30 AM

Garden on the Brak

It is a unique, botanically accurate fynbos park. Plants are indigenous to this area. There are more than 220 different plant species including 11 endangered species. The “Ruik-en-raakroete” (directly translation is the "Smell and Touch-route) - designed especially for blind visitors that allow them to touch and smell the plants. If you are a keen gardener - this is a must, and it is totally free.

10:40 AM

Palinggat Still Bay

The freshwater eels at the Stil Bay Information Bureau are the only tame eels in the country. You will have the opportunity to hand feed them. After that enjoy some tea and something to eat under the huge milk wood trees. Some interesting secondhand shops, books and memorabilia.

11:30 AM

Garden on the Brak

Leave from the West side over the bridge and Goukou River to explore the East side of this town also known as The Bay of Sleeping Beauty. We will have lunch to prepare our stomachs for the great Gin tastings coming up.

12:20 PM

Restaurant for lunch

The wide variety of lunch venues available will make it a difficult choice - from crayfish, seafood platters to excellent open fire pizzas, Asian and sushi. We can decide on what you feel like and have a Sleeping Beauty lunch somewhere.

01:40 PM

Inverroche Gin Distillery

This Distillery is one of the beautiful ones in the country. Inverroche takes its name from the combination of two words referencing both their Celtic and Gaelic backgrounds. The Scottish word “Inver” meaning ‘a confluence of water’ and the French word “Roche” meaning ‘rock or stone’. A welcome drink, snacks, formal tasting and you go home with your own 500ml bottle of gin. Decide on a personal label and name and you are the owner of your own handmade gin. This is really a great once-off experience.

05:00 PM

Hotel / Guest house

After an eventful day and your own "production" you can relax at your accommodation. Don't finish that bottle before you can show it to your friends and family at home.

Ending Point

At your accommodation

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Return transfer to and from accommodation

Guide and Drivers fee

Entrance Fee at Feeding Eels

All-inclusive at Inverroche Distillery

What‘s not included

Donations for Garden on The Brak

Lunch in Still Bay

Extra purchases at Inverroche Distillery

Any alternative options for kids while at Inverroche Distillery (if applicable)


Important Information

I am at home and can do short day tours on short notice if that is in the Garden Route area - Swellendam to Mossel Bay.

If I need to pick up at Cape Town Airport I will need three days in advance and there will be an additional transportation fee.

Inverroche Distillery is only open from Tuesdays to Saturdays - if interested in this tour.

1. Garden on the Brak is for free, but donations are welcome, as the garden keepers are volunteers and do not get paid.

2....Except for the specific "touch and smell-section" do not touch, break or take flowers from here - but photos are welcome.

3. Feeding of Eels you may step into the water, so be prepared to have a towel or dry shoes for afterwards.

4. Kids under the years of 8 must be accompanied when feeding eels.

5. If there are kids under the age of 18 on this tour - there need to be alternative plans for them when going to Inverroche Distillery. They do NOT cater for kids.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time

Frequently Asked Questions

What alcohol percentage is Inverroche Amber?

43% Vol

What type of Gin is Inverroche Gin?

A floral South African gin made using botanicals known as Fynbos from the Cape Floral Kingdom, which are placed in the steam basket during distillation.

How do you drink Inverroche Amber Gin?

Fill a copa glass with ice.

Pour 50ml of Inverroche Amber Gin.

Add 125ml of premium tonic.

Stir gently and garnish with a twist of orange rind or a dehydrated orange wheel.

What do eels feed on?

Eels are carnivores and should receive a varied diet of large meaty chunks of food. They are primarily predatory fish and some even are cannibalistic. Their diet typically consists of smaller fish, invertebrates, crustaceans, shrimp, crabs and sea urchins.

How does a copa glass looks like?

The copa glass has a long stem, and the large, rounded shape means it can hold lots of ice, as well as a big garnish

$390/ per person