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Spirited Away

 Have you seen the Ghibli movie "Spirited Away?"  There is a ryokan, Japanese inn, which looks like the Yuya at Shibu Onsen near Jigokudani Monkey P...

Yoko T.


I guided a couple from UK to Chichibu, about two hours by train from Tokyo. We stayed at the traditional Japanese hotel. It has more than 200 years hi...

Hideaki M.

Ryokan Kyoto: The Best 7 in Kyoto, Japan

Staying in a Japanese “ryokan” in Kyoto is a wonderful experience. It’s a traditional city with many temples and shrines, and buildings surviving for ...

Akane N.

Book Capsule Hotel in Japan. Clean, Comfortable and affordable

If you were one of my close friends and have only limited budget touring in Tokyo, Japan, I, Masato, a National Tour Guide, strongly recommend you to ...

Masato N.

Best Area to Stay in Tokyo - Where to Stay in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a vast metropolitan city, which could be overwhelming for first-time visitors. You just want the best place that has easy access to public tr...

Fidelia A.

Stylish capsel hotels

It seems that tour lovers are happy with burgeoning industry of modern capsel hotels in Japan. Tokyo has lots of choices for reasonable accommodation...

Namie M.

Capsule Hotel

A Capsule hotel is a facility that provides guests with a small capsule-like space to sleep. This kind of hotels originate from unique Japanese style ...

Yumi I.

Accommodations in Sado Vol.1 Kaifuso in Seki

Listen to the ocean...  This is a small inlet just a minute walk from Kaifuso. Kaifuso is the one located in the middle of houses with lig...

Fujiko M.