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Eliana C.

English, Spanish (Native)
2 hours
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Up to 99 people

All is energy -stated Einstein- and that includes ourselves. The human energy field contains a lot of figure 8s, so what a better place for an introduction to energy awareness than the 8-house in Copenhagen. In the first part of the tour, we will use Google Earth to explore the building and learn about energy through practice. The second part of the tour will be interactive where you can see more of the building, learn more about energy or combine both options :)

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09:00 AM

1. Intro + Why an energy awareness tour at the 8-house?

I believe the 8-house is the perfect frame for a tour on energy awareness as the number 8 has for a long time has been considered a special number: for example, if laid sideways the "8" is the mathematical symbol of infinity. But that’s not it: The figure or shape of the “8” is also very special when working with the human energy system because it is a ubiquitous pattern that you find in your biofield or aura.

09:10 AM

2. From the Stone Hill to the start of the ramp

This stop will give us a bit of a feeling of the placement of the 8-house at street level, the neighboring buildings and some information about the creators of the 8-house and how the project was originally conceived.

09:10 AM

3. Climbling the 8-house

We will start exploring this "neighborhood in one building" by virtually using the ramp system that slings (twice!) around the whole structure. Before we virtually stroll through the ramp using Google Earth, we’ll start moving some energy with a few exercises.

09:20 AM

4. The role of social architecture in the 8-house

The social architecture intention in the creation of the 8-house really gives the place a special feeling, a feeling of interconnection.

Interconnectedness is actually a big aspect of energy work, as it proposes that we are all connected and therefore, it’s in our best interest to act with that in mind. In this stop I will point to you some of the social features of the building, and we will dwell a bit into the concept of interconnectedness and how it is a very current topic today.

09:30 AM

5. Ørestad - the neiborghood of the 8-house

Ørestad is a neighbourhood where the first residential building was ready to be inhabited in 2004. I call it the end of Copenhagen as it is located on the edge of a big nature reserve on the island of Amager. Having lived here for almost a decade, I have seen the neighborhood grow, from its modest beginnings as a huge construction ground surrounded by pastures to the world-class architecture area with interesting recreational offers.

09:40 AM

6. The COVID-19 lockdown at the 8-house

The global pandemic of COVID-19 was also felt in the 8-house with a couple of hard lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

In this stop I will tell you what we as a community were doing to keep our spirits up in this difficult time, and how that relates to energy work.

09:40 AM

7. The upper ramp, the South courtyard and the common

The 8-house is located in the island of Amager -which is one of the islands where Copenhagen is located- and a third of this island is actually land that has been reclaimed from the sea. This land is today a natural area that is neighbor to the 8-house and its views are translated into the highest real state prices in the area. Besides telling you a bit about the commons, I will try to find in real-time and online an apartment for sale in the 8-house so you can not only see the prices, but also the pretty interiors of this building.

09:50 AM

8. Terrace on top of the café

We have a café here at the building, and on top of that café there is a terrace which is the perfect viewpoint not just to the common, but to a very unique feature of the house: a green roof. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about the concept of sustainable hedonism and perform our last energy exercises which actually connects us to nature.

10:00 AM

Interactive part of the tour

Choose between:

A. A live tour inside one of the apartments of the 8-house

B. A session about energy medicine where we can learn more about the topic, or we can also find energy exercises to address some specific issues affecting you at the moment.

C. A session of Q&A with a professional guide and resident of the 8-house about the building, Copenhagen or Denmark. Can certainly be used to plan your future vacation to Denmark or to prepare yourself if you're considering/planning to move to Copenhagen.

11:00 AM

End of the tour

After the tour, you will receive a link to a list of resources to keep exploring the 8-house, the concept behind it, and the creators of the place (BIG Architects) and additional information about the "all-is-energy" concept and a video filmed by me with the energy exercises we performed during the tour so you can keep your energy body fit on your own.

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What‘s included

- Guiding services.

- Energy medicine guidance.

- A list of additional resources for deeper exploration of the topics discussed. You will get the list as a link after the tour.

- The number of people that can attend the tour is up to 99, so you can use this tour for group events, as a master class or a big family get-together across different locations.

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Can the tour be done in-person?

Yes, the tour can be adapted to a live, in-person experience. Please send me a message to find out about pricing, availability and booking process, as the tour needs to be booked through the association of residents of the building.

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