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    Popular Destinations in Lithuania

    Popular Tours in Lithuania

    Vilnius Old Town

    4 hours

    The Old Town of Vilnius is a large maze of medieval streets. 48 churches, 1000 original historical buildings, an artist Republic - nearly everything is conveniently within walking distance.

    FROM$170/ per group
    Kristupas S.

    The Gems of Lithuanian Sahara – Curonian Spit

    10 hours

    The Curonian Spit is an incredibly beautiful piece of land created 5,000 years ago. This UNESCO protected sight is recognised as sea-, wind- and man-made live landscape with unique natural and cultural heritage. On the way along the longest green street to Nida you will admire fishermen village Juodkrante and the colony of cormorants, admire Nagliai Strict Nature Reserve and protective dune. In Nida enjoy the Parnidis Dune with sundial – calendar, explore Baltic amber at the Amber Museum.

    FROM$220/ per person

    Palanga – Lithuanian Louvre

    7 hours

    Palanga resort is a heaven for health lovers, with its fresh air, green and unspoilt nature. Visit starts in the one of the prettiest parks of Lithuania - Palanga Botanical landscape park and the Tiskeviciai Palace. In the Amber Museum visitors are acquainted with the history of amber. You will gain fascinating insight into the resort’s culture and heritage. After the Palanga tour it is available to explore Kretinga Manor of the Counts Tiškevičiai and exotic Winter Garden.

    FROM$190/ per person

    The taste of the unique Lithuania Minor ethnographic region

    10 hours

    Lithuania Minor or Prussian Lithuania is a historical ethnographic region of Lithuania. This region has different traditions as it was influenced by the Teutonic Order, the Duchy of Prussia, and the German Empire. The wheel of history has turned, but signs of the times remain. This is where the best shipbuilders and net weavers live; this is where the most fish are caught, and the best fish soup is made.

    FROM$360/ per group

    Lithuania Private Tours & Local Tour Guides

    Traveling to Lithuania? With a private tour guide you will be shown Lithuania through the eyes of a local. Traveling with a local allows you to experience Lithuania as authentically as possible, to appreciate and understand the culture in a deeper way. We can arrange for you to visit areas specific to your interests, all you have to do is contact one of our private guides and they will work with your interests and requests. Let us know what you are passionate about and we will help you plan a truly unique and memorable trip! The smartest way to experience Lithuania is with your own private tour guide from GoWithGuide, so do not hesitate and let them help you create an unforgettable travel memory.