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In 2005 I was looking for an additional part-time job and began guiding. I quickly realized that being a tour guide is even better than being a Travel Agent. In 2007 I followed my passion and became a full time guide. I haven't regretted it yet. Travelling is education in a passive way. One is taught habits, rules, food etc. are different everywhere. This helps me today, working with a variety of people as a guide. It's my pleasure now to take you around our most wonderful sights and spots.


III REICH – Online Nazi History Tour

1 hour

Learn about Hitler’s rise to power and the key events that took place in Munich during the 12 years of the Third Reich and before: the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch, Kristallnacht in 1938 and the failed assassination attempt by Georg Elsner in the Burgerbräukeller in 1939.

FROM$99/ per group

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial - Online Tour

1.5 hours

On March 22, 1933, a few weeks after Adolf Hitler had been appointed Reich Chancellor, a concentration camp for political prisoners was set up in Dachau. This camp served as a model for all later concentration camps and as a “school of violence” for the SS men under whose command it stood. In the twelve years of its existence over 200.000 persons from all over Europe were imprisoned here and in the numerous subsidary camps. 41.500 were murdered.

FROM$155/ per group

Munich – Online City Walk

1 hour

Join us on a live stroll through the center of the Capital of Bavaria. Along the most important sights of Munich old town. Learn how and where the settlement started and how everything developed. Get an idea why the bavarian attitude is so different to the rest of Germany and why Napoleon Bonaparte was so important for Munich and Bavaria. See why Munich is called the city of Palaces, Churches, Beer and so much more.

FROM$99/ per group

Online Munich at Night / Twilight Tour

1 hour

Join us at this walk along the major sights of Munich and get wonderful impressions as well as historical background and more fascinating stories on the way. We appreciate your questions and are happy to answer them. Come and see….

FROM$99/ per group

Munich Uncovered - Private City Tour

3 hours

On this tour you will learn about the turbulent history of Munich and Bavaria. We will visit the most important attractions as well as parks, palaces, churches and other landmarks in town. Listen to astonishing background stories.

FROM$285/ per group

A full day at the Castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

Bavarian Alps
11 hours

Spend a whole day visiting the two Castles. Everybody knows Neuschwanstein Castle, the one Walt Disney copied for his "Cinderella Castle". Do you know Hohenschwangau Castle? Here King Ludwig grew up. Here he got his idea for Neuschwanstein. Get all the stories and historical facts about the "Fairy Tale King", his dreams and phantasies and why he was removed from the Throne of Bavaria. Expect a wonderful day at the Castles. Our trip by Train will take about 2:15 hours. (Train & Bus).

FROM$499/ per group