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I am a professional licenced tourist guide in Milan. I speak English, Italian, French and Russian languages and have many years of experience in the tourism both as a touroperator, a guide and a person accompanying groups of tourists in Europe.

It gives me a great pleasure to acquaint our guests from various countries with the beautiful and interesting city of Milan.

Welcome to Milan!


Milan ancient and contemporary

6 hours

Hello, I invite you to visit the fascinating city of Milan with its various architectural and historical monuments: medieval and Renaissance, Neoclassical, contemporary.... Milan combines history and art, music and fashion, numerous museums and good food. We will visit such highlights as the Cathedral and Sforza Castle, the splendid Vittorio Emanuele gallery, the world famous La Scala theatre museum and Porta Nuova district: the spirit of Modern Milan.

FROM$495/ per group

My splendid Milan

5 hours 30 min

Hello, I invite you to visit Milan, a city of art and design, fashion and music, numerous museums and galleries. Our itinerary includes two of the key highlights of Milan, namely the Duomo Cathedral and the Sforza Castle, the medieval Mercanti square and the majestic Duomo square as well as the splendid Vittorio Emanuele gallery and the legendary La Scala theatre. You will enjoy some beautiful examples of the Liberty Milanese and Neoclassical architecture.

FROM$495/ per group

Milan Medieval, Renaissance, Neoclassical

4 hours 30 min

Hello, welcome to the elegant and fascinating city of Milan. Milan in the 21st century is a metropolis that preserves the symbols of the long and illustrious past while displaying its capacity for renewal. I invite you to visit the Sforza Castle and Milan’s Cathedral, the legendary La Scala theatre museum, and also to have a walk in the charming Brera and Fashion districts.

FROM$455/ per group

Milan and Leonardo da Vinci

6 hours 30 min

Hello, welcome to Milan, an elegant and fascinating Italian city. I invite you to visit several highlights connected to the art and life of the famous Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect and engineer Leonardo da Vinci who worked at the court of Milan for many years. We will visit the Leonardo 3D museum, the Ambrosiana pinacoteca and library, the Cathedral of Milan and the Sforza castle, the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, we will walk along streets where Leonardo da Vinci once walked.

FROM$545/ per group

From the Sforza Castle to Milan canals

4 hours

Hello, welcome to Milan, a cosmopolitan city of art, culture and history. The itinerary starts from the Sforza Castle and threads its way through streets and squares among ancient churches and buildings from various epochs, through the Porta Ticinese district and the bustling area of the canals.

FROM$425/ per group

A day in Milan, from its origins to the 21st century

7 hours

Hello, I invite you to spend a day in Milan, visiting its various historical monuments and enjoying the contemporary city. Milan in the 21st century is a metropolis that preserves the symbols of the long and illustrious past. We will visit the highlights of Milan, stroll in the historical center to see the remains of the ancient Roman city and will continue by walking in the charming Brera district towards the contemporary Porta Nuova with its skyscrapers.

FROM$545/ per group