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    Virtual Tours & Experiences in Italy

    Romeo and Juliet Virtual Tour

    1 hour

    For helpless lovers; school students & teachers working on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"; scholars wanting to hear the true story and how people really lived in the 14th century; passionates of movies like "Letters to Juliet" , "Romeo and Juliet" or "Romeo + Juliet"; and all curious people... this tour helps you discover what's behind the story, and helps you feel the way people felt in 14th century Verona.

    FROM$65/ per group
    Maria pia G.

    Vernazza the bay of lovers and pirates

    Cinque Terre and La Spezia
    1 hour

    Don't miss the chance to discover this mysterious village, one of the eldest of the Cinque Terre national Park. Legends, huge fortess system, a small port but very important made the charme of this little village that turn its economy from trade to tourism.

    FROM$125/ per group
    Emilia G.

    Milan downtown Virtual tour

    40 minutes

    During this OUTDOOR Live Virtual Tour live we discover the highlights of the city centre of Milan.From Piazza Scala we will walk through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the "salotto elegante", to reach the main heart of the city, piazza Duomo with the breathtaking cathedral Duomo.

    FROM$275/ per group
    Veronica A.
    5.00(1) reviews

    Positano the handycraft street and the Saracen Towers

    Amalfi Coast
    1 hour

    On this virtual tour we will walk trhough the main street of Positano that goes downhill from the "Sponda" to the "Spiaggia Grande" , overlooking the Saracens towers and doing some window's shopping going into some master handycraft shops, ceramic, jewellery, wood glasses, parfumes. The tour will end on the beach with a great view on the famous piramides of houses

    FROM$125/ per group
    Emilia G.

    Popular Tours in Italy

    Full Day Private Tour-Rome in the Golf Cart

    6 hours

    It would be far too easy for us to just show you the Colosseum or the Pantheon. With this tour we do not only want to show you the most admired town squares and monuments of Rome but rather make you a part of it! We have integrated places that will bring the Rome that we Romans know and love, places that we consider to have the most energy and vigor such as Campo dei Fiori with its famous colorful market, the small alleys of the Jewish Ghetto with its inns, antique dealers, and tailors

    FROM$760/ per group
    Ivano D.

    The Medici Tour: Medici Palace and Palazzo Vecchio

    3 hours

    Step inside the world of the Medici family and hear fascinating stories of murderous plots and political intrigue. Dominating the city's politics, society, and cultural life for over 300 years, the Medici helped to transform Florence into the Cradle of the Renaissance. Learn how this family of merchants from the countryside became wealthy and powerful bankers and then went on to take over not just Florence, but all of Tuscany, becoming grand dukes. Learn how their patronage rocked the art world.

    FROM$320/ per group
    Loredana A.

    Pompeii Private Tour

    2.5 hours

    The private tour of Pompeii is based on the visit of the Archaeological site considered one of the most interesting experiences for all visitors. Buried under the ash of Mount Vesuvius the town is still intact and didnìt loose the allure of the daily life of Roman citizens living there 2000 yers ago. During the visit you'll have the chance to see the most beautiful Private Houses, Public Buildings, the Roman roads, Thermal Baths, the Bodies of the victims and many other places.

    FROM$250/ per group
    Ilaria M.

    Full Day Rome Highlights Private Tour

    8 hours

    Explore the streets of the Ancient Romans as we explore the city of Rome in all its beauty and history. From the bloody past of the Colosseum to the center of Roman commercial districts, this tour is for those wanting to have a taste of Roman aesthetics.

    FROM$600/ per group
    Paolo A.