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Being an independent guide for many years, I love to receive visitors from the whole world and explain to them this beautiful and most interesting destination. It is a very rewarding activity giving insights which tourists might not have without a guide.


Jewelbox Luxemburg from Trier

8 hours

In the capital we visit the historical centre with the Grand duke´s palais, Cathedral and Rock "Bock" above the casemates with a splendid view! We will also look at the EU quarter Kirchberg and Plateau Bourbon. On our way back to Trier we travel through the rugged rocks of wild-romantic Müllertal and then see Echternach. An alternative would be Vianden with its majestic fairytale castle towering high above river Our.

FROM$350/ per group

Trier Discovery Trail

1.5 hours

Walking tour through the oldest town of Germany with 8 UNESCO World heritage sites of the Roman period. It is also the birth place of Karl Marx. Further to that, it is quite a pretty city and shopping centre of the area.

FROM$180/ per group

Trier by Bike - the alternative tour

2 hours

By bike, we are able to visit more places than on a walking tour. Further to the classical sites, we can arrive easily at destinations which are worth it, situated out of the city centre in a short time, for which on foot we would have to employ much more time to reach.

FROM$200/ per group

Roman Heritage Trier

2.5 hours

Visit of some of the 8 World Heritage Sites in Trier: Porta Nigra, Cathedral & Lady's Church, Amphitheatre, Constantine´s Basilica, Imperial Bath, Viehmarkt-Baths, Barbara Baths, Roman Bridge; Igel Monument (9 km outside town) and/or Archaeological Museum. We suggest the most popular combination: Amphitheatre - Imperial Bath - Constantine's Basilica. The tour can be taylor-made for you, you chose the sites. Another option is to extend the tour by 1 or 2 hours, esp. the museums requires time.

FROM$240/ per group