Joseba I.


Available Areas

La Rioja, Navarra, Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, Bilbao (Living)



Basque (Native), English, Spanish (Native)


Response Time

Less than an hour


Availability updated




Kaixo! I am Joseba a young euskaldun (Basque speaking person, wrongly translated in to Basque) born and raised in Bilbao. I am an official tour guide in the Basque region and my aim is to get you close to our beautiful land and culture.

My career began as an environmental technician, which gave me a great knowledge about our superb nature. But in 2012, I decide to move to Berlin and there I found a job that fits in with my skills and preferences: guiding people on their journeys. Since then, I've lived in 4 four countries and guide hundreds of travellers in different parts of the world, until I decide to come back to my beloved Bilbao, five years ago.

As a guide, I am a really proactive, serious and passionate one. I am all the time trying to improve my skills and knowledge, always curious about history, folklore and cultural aspects of societies. All my tours can be given in the five languages I speak: Basque, Spanish, English, German and Italian.

With all this experience I want to invite to discover the Basque Country from close, getting in touch with the local people, their tradition and culture, as the surrounding enchanted nature. My way of working could be easily described in two words: Slow Tourism.

Come to visit with me the charming Basque Country, you won't regret! Discover about our vibrant culture, delicious gastronomy and ancient history.

Grab a Basque beret, put it on and begin to feel like a real Basque!