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    Virtual Tours & Experiences in Spain

    Picasso Museum - Live Virtual Tour

    Let me surprise you with this Museum Picasso live virtual tour. Picasso is a world-renowned artist whose work is reflected in the entire history of 20th century art. He moved to Barcelona when he was 13 and stayed until moving to Paris at 19. For that sharp 13 year old boy who came from the deep-oldfashioned-traditional Spain, modern BCN represented an open window to a sophisticated world. In the Museum you will discover this Picasso, the one before becoming Picasso.

    FROM$70/ per person
    Maica C.

    Traditional BASQUE Food Cooking Class from San Sebastian

    Taste the sea, smell the mountains on the fresh vegetable dishes, get a bite of cheese from the countryside, sip the local wine from to the coast. The Basque gastronomy it is well know not only in their food capitals of San Sebastián and Bilbao but in little villages too. In this virtual tour I will show you how to prepare the famous Basque dishes and how to paire them with our local wines.

    FROM$175/ per person
    Iker B.

    Gaudí & Sagrada Familia - Virtual On line Zoom Tour

    Sagrada Familia (the Sacred Family) is the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí one of the most well known architects from all over the times. Most of his work is located in Barcelona, that why in this tour I want to introduce him on a chronological journey through some of his works, and we are going to discover the secrets of this amazing temple that has been under construction since 1882 and still not finished yet.

    FROM$62/ per person

    Panoramic Barcelona - Virtual Online Zoom Tour

    In this tour I am going to show you Through Google Earth and some pictures what are the most important sightseers of the city of Barcelona. This is a perfect overview to understand how the city has been growing up during history and some important events that took place in the city. Let me show you the wonders of Barcelona.

    FROM$62/ per person

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