GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!WithGoGuide
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Hiring A Guide In Busan: Pros & Cons

Ajitsa A.

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Ajitsa A.

Last updated : Apr 11, 202410 min read

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If you’d rather get in a wrestling match with a giant Nomura’s jellyfish than try to sort out your Busan itinerary any longer, you’ve encountered what I’d like to call “tour planning fatigue”.  Should you get a Busan tour guide? Should you go it alone? 


Now, I may not be the most objective voice here, but by the time you’re done reading, you’ll be able to  know which option works for you, so that your food tour through Huinnyeoul Culture Village, or your Seokbulsa Temple exploration will be a smooth, effortless, memory filled journey. Gaja! 

The Good Stuff: Why A Guide Will Work For You

Busan is a city carving out its own travel niche, from white sandy beaches to calm café corners, and you want to get to them all without burning out. Here’s how a guide comes in handy. 


Guides Keep The Communication Going


Why A GoWithGuide Guided Tour Will Work For You
  1. Language Barriers: Though Busanites are moderately fluent in English, a lot of them aren’t as comfortable freely speaking it, so a guide is a great way to nurture understanding between you and everyday people. 
  2. Making New Friends: The great thing about guided experiences is that they create a direct link to the city. Making new friends at the Jagalchi Fish Market, or in BIFF Square, is easy when you have someone with you that can introduce you and spark conversation. 


Guides Keep The Knowledge Flowing 


What A GoWithGuide Guided Tour Will Teach You
  1. Food: Busan has A LOT of options when it comes to food, from local delicacies to national must-haves. Whether you’re slurping down a cold bowl of Milmyeon or enduring some spicy tteokbokki, every dish has a story that your guide can reveal.
  2. History: Whether you’re learning about the refugee background of Gamcheon Cultural Village, or interested in the architecture behind Beomeosa Temple, having a knowledgeable and passionate guide lead the way will enhance your tour. 
  3. Cultural Context: Every city has its own way of being, and Busan is no different. From drink pouring etiquette to social taboos, there’s a lot to learn, and a guide will help you navigate the city’s culture structures. 


Guides Keep & Save Time 


How Guided Tours Save Time & Create Convenience
  1. Transport Sorted: With a guide, you don’t have to worry about memorizing bus stops or timing train arrivals. They’ll sort out transportation for whichever destination you’re headed towards, whether it's a hotel pickup or directions to venues. 
  2. Comfort & Convenience: Not only will you avoid tourist scams and stay away from unsafe areas, but having a local expert walking with you creates a sense of comfort. You know that you and your loved ones are not alone and won’t get lost or waste time trying to figure out how close or far your next destination is.

Going It Alone: Why A Guide Might Not Work For You 

When A Guided Tour Won


  1. You’re A Free Spirited Traveler - For you, unfamiliar street signs and hopping off at the wrong Busan Metro stop is only part of the journey, and not an inconvenience. You love to do a quick Google Maps search and wander around with no concrete plans. A guide would add too much structure for you and your loved ones. 
  2. You Like To Ride Solo- You’re a travel buff who prides themselves on going it alone and discovering new places and old gems through solo navigation. If you’re tempted to try a guided tour for the first time, Busan’s laid back yet intricate landscape is a great start,  but if you’re still a fan of solo life, a guide would feel like an intruder. 
  3. You’re Unsure About Your Busan Trip- So you know that you want to hit the Busan streets at some point, but you’re not sure when you’ll honestly be able to stroll through Gamcheon Village or eat Buchimgae on Haeundae Beach. Everything is still up in the air, and with no concrete plan, booking a private, guided tour would be a waste of time and money. 


Private Guided Tours v.s Traditional Tours: What’s The Difference? 

Okay, maybe you’re warming up to the idea of taking a detailed tour of Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, but you’re not excited about the loud tourists or inattentive, stressed out guides. Don’t worry, our tours are completely different from the traditional model, so let’s look at what your GWG tour will look like compared to a traditional version. 


Traditional Group Tours 


Traditional Tours v.s GoWithGuide Tours


  • Stiff As A Board: Busan is amazing when you consider the diversity of its attractions, from Haewoljung Pavilion to BIFF Square. That’s why it’s frustrating to have a fixed itinerary that’s limited to popular sites and tourist hot spots. There’s no room to add or remove anything.
  • Large Shuffling Groups: Want to know what a cow feels like when it’s being shuffled from one place to another? Join a large traditional tour. Stuffy and full of strangers, traditional group tours leave out comfort and convenience.
  • Moving On Swiftly: There’s nothing worse than falling under Geumgang park’s spell of sights and sounds, only to hear the dreaded “only two minutes left” announcement from your guide as they wrangle everyone to move to the next site. The moment you start reflecting on & enjoying what you’re experiencing, you’re already on to the next place.
  • The Dreaded Tourist Bubble:There’s something strange about going to a new country only to be surrounded by the same people. Traveling is about fresh encounters and new perspectives, and that’s hard when you’re surrounded by anyone but locals.


GoWithGuide Private Tours


Traditional Tours v.s GoWithGuide Tours


  • Full of Flexibility: Want to go café hopping from Nampo-dong to Gijang? Maybe you’re trying to hit all of Busan’s Joseon dynasty sites. No matter what you want to do, our guide will fit it into your itinerary, which is curated by Y-O-U. No boring sites or long stops.
  • Invite Only: No cattle herding here. Only you, your friends, your family and your guide. From intimate conversations about your guide’s life, to extra attention when it comes to where you’ll eat and how to get around, private guides give the ultimate personalized tour experience.
  • Savoring The Scenery: Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Nampodong Market, or hop from one fish snack to the other at Samjin Eomuk without anybody rushing you. Private tours are based on what you want to do with your time, so you can mold your schedule, or slow down at one site if you and your loved ones need to.
  • Get To Busan’s Heart: Though private guided tours are exclusive, they are a great way to get to the heart of Busan, which is its people. A local guide can bridge any cultural gaps by translating conversations and introducing you to the people behind your magical experiences.
  • Leaning toward a private guided tour of Busan’s greatest hits and hidden gems? Great! Let’s get you acquainted with the best practices while on a guided tour through the Land of Mountains


On Your Best Behavior In Busan: Dos & Don'ts When You're With Your Guide 



Okay, I’m Getting A Guide, Now Show Me Some Tours! 

You’ve made up your mind, and you’re ready to hit up a GWG guide. So which of Busan’s many gems should you add to your custom itinerary? Allow me to make some suggestions.  


Guided Tour Ideas When You
  • Beach Hopping: Busan’s Beautiful Sands Day Tour- Haeundae, Gwangali, Songdo, Imrang, there are so many spectacular beaches to choose from! A full beach tour with plenty of street snacks in between is the best way to celebrate this port city’s sea culture. 
  • Café Chronicles: A Day Spent In Busan’s Best Kept Café Secrets- Busan is known the world over for its beautiful café culture, so clear your stomachs and schedules for a full day of café hopping through the city’s most influential spots. Even Jimin’s dad, from BTS, has an amazing café!
  • The Joseon Legacy: Busan’s Historical Hot Spots - Spend your trip touring Busan’s legendary Joseon Dynasty landmarks, from the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and the Geumjeong Fortress, to Dongnae Castle which has roots in the Goryeo Dynasty, but was completely renovated during the Joseon. 


Ready to take your Busan travels to the next level? Get in touch with a Busan tour guide and create the ultimate itinerary today!

Busan Tour Guide - Changwoo Y.

Changwoo Y.

5.00 / 5
(2 reviews)
South Korea

I was born in Busan and lived entire my life except 5 years in CANADA. My first job is licensed realtor. I also have a certificate as a professional tour guide. I am running my own real estate agency and private tour company.                                                                                                                                 

Busan Tour Guide - Dylan K.

Dylan K.

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South Korea

I'm Dylan. It's my pleasure to share a bit about my background with you. I had the privilege of majoring in English Literature at a renowned university in Korea. Following that, I served for two years in the U.S. military base stationed here in Korea. This tenure was indeed an enriching phase of my life where I got the opportunity to deeply understand various cultures and perspectives during my interactions and trainings with my American colleagues. This phase not only allowed me to learn but also nurtured me into a person who holds great respect and understanding towards diverse cultures. In 2018, I was honored to be the driver for the family of Intel's CEO during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. That wonderful opportunity significantly influenced my decision to become a tour guide. After that enriching experience, I acquired a nationally recognized certification as a tourist interpreter guide. Since then, it's been my pleasure to have conducted over 800 private tours, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Busan to visitors. I constantly strive to offer the very best service to my clients, rooted in my steadfast philosophy to "facilitate a deep appreciation for the beauty of Busan, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime." My commitment to this mission remains as strong as ever. I kindly invite you to join me in exploring the hidden beauties of Busan, and to craft special memories together. Would that interest you?                                                                                                                                 

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