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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Hiring A Guide In Santiago: Pros & Cons

Ajitsa A.

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Ajitsa A.

Last updated : Jun 03, 202411 min read

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You know you’ve hit a travel planning roadblock when the thought of scaling the Andes Mountains sounds easier than coming up with a comprehensive Santiago de Chile itinerary. We’ve all been there. Spinning from the confusion and excitement that comes with the joy of traveling to such a mystifying yet modern city.


Do you go it alone and risk falling into “planning burnout” or do you get a Santiago tour guide despite never having had a private guided experience before? Is it even worth it? Before you get stuck in the semantics, let’s break down the good and bad of both options so that by the end of this article, you’ll know what’s best for you and your loved ones. Ready? Vamos! 


The Pros: Why A Private Guide Is A Good Idea 

Santiago de Chile is a city of layers, so whether you're exploring the depths of its historically impactful culture, or coasting within the comforts of its modernity, with a guide you will…


An infographic detailing why hiring a private guide is a good idea


  • Stay Safe: While Santiago is one of the wealthiest cities in Latin America, its daytime safety index of 58.38 is moderate, meaning that things can get hectic in the city center and downtown, especially during high tourist seasons. Want to know what the safest part of Santiago is? A local guide who knows the city’s tightest corners can help lead the way. 
  • See The City As A Local: While it’s fun, being a tourist can be limiting, especially when you want to learn the lay of the land from a local’s perspective. Hiring a private guide gives you access to knowledge about the city that doesn't always make it online.  You know what else a local guide opens you up to? Hidden gems! Tiny eating nooks along Bellavista, and walking trails past Santa Lucia await. 
  • Save Time: Not looking forward to tracking down tickets to the Sky Costanera, or figuring out how to fit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Maipo Canyon and lunch into your timeline? Using expert knowledge, a guide compiles the best of the city into an itinerary that serves you and your loved ones, while saving time on crisscrossing from one venue to the other. You’ll maximize time and, by extension, memories. 


Travel tip: Speaking of time, how much time should you spend in Santiago? With an efficient itinerary, 3–4 days in the capital city will be enough for you to see the main highlights, and a few hidden attractions along the outskirts. 


  • Understand The Language: If you’re thinking, do you really need to speak Spanish in Santiago, Chile? The answer is yes! Chilean Spanish is not like Spain’s or even Mexico’s Spanish. It has its own special twists and modifications to it, so touring with a local will better prepare you for the cultural differences that come with Chilean Spanish and Chilean living overall. 


The Cons: Yeah, Maybe A Guide Isn't For You 

As great as a guided experience can be, sometimes you’re not ready to take one on. A guide might not be for you if…


An infographic detailing why a private guided tour might not be for you.


  • You’re Counting The Cost: If you're traveling on a small budget, then a private guided tour sounds like a complete luxury. Though prices depend on where you’re going and what you’re doing, if you’re looking to stick to a clear budget, a guide will increase that.  To see our tour prices, check out the Santiago Private Tours page. 
  • You Don’t Care For Schedules: For you, waking up in the city center and taking off in any direction that calls your name is your ideal exploration method. Getting stuck in the cable car lines at San Cristóbal, or mixing up streets along downtown Santiago, doesn’t freak you out. Sticking to a set schedule does. If that’s the case, a guide is an option you should skip. 
  • You Prefer A Solo Path: If you’re a solo traveler that loves going and stopping whenever and wherever you want, being tethered to a guide that takes you along the city’s streets can seem overwhelming, and for some, intrusive. Travel should be about comfort, and if you’re at your best when you’re riding solo, a guide would only get in the way. 
  • You’re Not Ready To Commit: Okay, so you know you want to go to Santiago de Chile, right? You’ve heard about the street music masterfully played and the empanadas de pino, but you’re not really sure when you’ll touch down. Likewise, you might see some tours on our page and get excited, but unless you’re sure of your travels, it’s best to wait before you book anything concrete. 


Stuck In The Middle: Traditional Tours v.s GoWithGuide Private Tours 

Okay, so maybe you’re down for trying a guided travel experience, but you’re stuck with images of an overwhelmed guide giving directions to dozens of people at a time. That’s what traditional tours are like. With a private guide, things look a little different.


An infographic comparing traditional tours v.s GoWithGuide private tours

The Next Steps: Hiring A Guide In 3, 2...1 

Okay, so a guide is definitely in your future, but you want to know how to go about the process. We’ve got you. Hiring a guide is as easy as…


A step by step visual guide on how to hire a guide in Santiago de Chile on the GoWithGuide website


  1. Head to our Santiago private guides page and select a guide that has good reviews, has an interesting bio, or has a kind smile! It’s up to you. You can click multiple guides if you’re feeling spoiled for choice. 
  2. Alright, you’re on a guide’s profile and their bio reads like a traveler’s dream. If you see a tour you like, you can book instantly. Have some venues you want to add or remove? Simply click the blue “Message” button. 
  3. It’s time for some customization! Let your guide know your travel time, who you’ll be with, what you’d like to do, and any other preferences you may have, then hit send. And just like that, you’ve started creating your dream itinerary.


The Guide To Guides: Dos & Don'ts When On A Guided Tour 

An infographic with two dos and two dont


An infographic with two dos and two dont


Getting A Guide? Great! These Tours Will Get You Started 

It’s time for some fun! Let these Santiago tours inspire your itinerary. 


Images and descriptions of popular Guided Private Tours with GoWithGuide

  • Santiago de Chile: Urban Elegance Day Tour: Explore Santiago's vibrant collection of modernity and history. From the energetic markets of La Vega to the old school charm of Barrio Lastarria, immerse yourself in the heart of Chilean culture against the stunning backdrop of the Andes.
  • Valparaiso: Coastal Culture Tour: Uncover the Bohemian core of Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander through its colorful streets bursting with local street art, and soak in the panoramic views of the blue Pacific Ocean. This is a city for art lovers. 
  • Maipo Canyon: Nature's Symphony In Motion: There’s nothing like a slow roll through the Maipo Canyon. Marvel at the rustic landscapes, lush, fertile vineyards, and cascading waterfalls just 1.5 hours from Santiago. Enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and horseback riding while savoring the breathtaking beauty of this natural haven.
  • Casablanca Valley: Wine Wonderland Tour: Welcome to wine country! The flavors of Casablanca Valley, Chile's renowned wine region, are perfectly infused with picturesque vineyards, and a deep history of the winemaking process. Surrounded by Chile’s relaxing hills, this valley creates a sensory experience that captures the essence of Chilean viticulture.



It’s time to make planning the simplest stage of your Santiago journey, so that you can get to the fun stuff, like taking silly pictures along the Willy Wonka-esque Paseo Bandera, of course!


Ready to make your Santiago dreams into reality? Chat with one of our Santiago tour guides today.

Santiago Tour Guide - Thomas P.

Thomas P.

5.00 / 5
(5 reviews)

I fell in love with the country and… one of her habitants. I am passionate about the country’s culture, history and gorgeous landscapes. This passion is what my colleagues and I want to share with you, visitors from all over the world, when we show you around. And when we plan an itinerary for you, we do it just as if it was for myself or for my friends. This is our commitment to you: that my team and I will guide you with the same enthusiast than if we were good friends.                                                                                                                                 

Region Metropolitana Tour Guide - Alvaro nicolas G.

Alvaro nicolas G.


I am a 36-year-old architect, who knows a lot about the city. History, architecture, geography, are the basis of a good experience, where food, stories and good conversation are essential.                                                                                                                                 

Santiago Tour Guide - Hector M.

Hector M.

4.83 / 5
(6 reviews)

I was born, grew up and I´ve been living here for along all of my life, except some time when I travel around. I am very knowledgeable in my area. I know my own country and city´s history and culture. Every Tour I give is Very Personal, Private, Leisurely and 100% Flexible. I have a lot of experience with different kind of Tourists from different part of the world like seniors, professionals, students, handicap, middle age and teenagers people for city, adventure, trekking, nocturnal , wineries tours, business and search purposes, etc. I definitely try to surpass tourists expectations giving you the “Best Chilean Hospitality” If I do this for a living, It’s because I am a Professional Tour Guide, whose my primary concern is to provide a unique travel experience to every single Customer making them, through my person, taste a bit of my country´s culture, folklore, customs, food, living style, sceneries and much more. I state you that I am totally responsible for your happiness and safety meanwhile you are in my care. My role is critical in your satisfaction tour and business needs. I am passionate and well known in every tour and information I provide, but, I am not perfect. if I don´t know the answer about some of your questions, I will be forthright about saying so and I will make an effort to get the answer before the end of the tour. But, if the answer is hard to get it... For sure, you will receive it in a few days later by e-mail. Please note that I also count with a Very Specialized Tour Guide Team. Each one has same and/or similar characteristics described above. Some of them will attend you if I had reserved myself by somebody else before or in case of illness, emergency or accident or any family problems. After reading these very sincere words I hope we let´s rock and roll together in this wonderful land by Santiago, Valparaiso, Vineyards, Coast, Country sides, Up at the Andes Mountains Range, Patagonia, Puerto Montt, etc., etc., etc. It will be a Real Pleasure to have you, family and friends as a “VERY SPECIAL CLIENT “ As somebody said…. “When in Chile…. Do as Chilenos Do” My Very Best Regards Hector M                                                                                                                                  

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