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I used to work as a part-time English teacher at a High School for about 25 years.

As I am a National Government Licensed Interpreter, I have worked at a tourist Information center since 10 years ago. Over the year working, I have accumulated experience specializing in guiding in Hakone and Odawara areas . I like meeting foreign countries visitors and let them know more about Japan and local culture. Beside guiding, I have many hobbies which I will like to share. They are Calligraphy by using ball-point pen, Wearing Japanese Kimono, especially using the Kimono fabric to make up simple dresses,cooking home-cooked dishes,Ikebana-Japanese style flower arrangement and teaching Japanese to foreigners.

I look forward to having a chance to meet you and wish you will enjoy your trip and a fabulous memory.


The 3 million visitors "MEIJI SHRINE" in the world

3 hours

The Meiji Jingu is a symbolic shrine among Japanese. In only 3 days during New Year period, over 3 million people visit this shrine. Why is it so popuar? This is because Meiji Emperor and Empress were enshrined here and they were renowned for transforming Japan from an isolated feudal country into a modern world.

FROM$76/ per group

Great Nature in Hakone

6 hours

Apart from busy and bustling big town, immerse yourself in the wild nature of Hakone.a very popular tourist resort place located 90 km from Tokyo.There you can enjoy the scenic beauty and breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji with steam gushing out of the pocket of volcano and Lake Ashinoko viewing.

FROM$153/ per group

The Enoden-line takes you old town

4 hours

The Enoden-Line runs between Kamakura ( which is like the cities of kyoto and Nara) and Fujisawa. The Enoden-line often appears in dramas and movies, It's small, but very famous.It takes you to the one and only " great Buddha", sitting there for more than750 years. and Hase -dera temple, sometimes also is known as " temple of the shinnig sea". This place commands a superb view.

FROM$102/ per group

Holly Mt. Oyama and Aburi-shrine.

4.5 hours

Do you want to be close to the holy mountain and famous shrine as it provides abundant rain for harvest? Not only you know the custom, but also you enjoy eating local food and a nice view. From there, you can see the Kanagawa bay and Enoshima.

FROM$102/ per group

Old and modern sides of Tokyo

4 hours

Do you want to experience both sides of Japan - Old town and modern town ? The Asakusa is the most popular, biggest and historical temple in Tokyo and it is also the best place to buy Japanese souvenir. The other one is the world's tallest broadcasting tower - Tokyo Skytree. You can enjoy panoramatic view there and even have a chance to see Mt Fuji on a fine day.

FROM$102/ per group



Anne L.

Nov 13, 2019

Look no further....

Such a lovely experience with dear Kimiko. She showed up early every day and stayed with me through everything my heart had desired to see and experience. She did much homework on her own after listening to my general wishes for this Japanese experience. I recommend her highly and again want to thank her for making my Tokyo experience MAGICAL. ANNE

Kimiko T.

Dear Anne, Thank you very much for your comment. You're a charming and cheerful person. I was happy with you. Thank you again for coming to Japan, visiting Tokyo, and for choosing me for a guide. Your travel continues more. I hope you enjoy the whole day of staying in Japan. Best regards, Kimiko


Candice W.

Sep 19, 2019

Wonderful tour guide

Kimiko was very knowledgeable and gave us history of all the things she showed us.

Kimiko T.

Dear Candice & your husband, Thank you for spending with me. I also enjoyed the time. How was the hot spring? Did you have a good memory about Odawara Castle and Lake Ashi? You'll continue your trip around Osaka & Kyoto. I wish you have a lot of pleasant memories in Japan. Kimiko


Kalsom R.

Apr 19, 2019

Kimiko is a wonderful tour guide

Kimiko is a very pleasant person who gives wonderful insights into the Japanese culture and fascinating knowledge on all the historical sights. She had made an extra effort to prepare in advance and gave us a very cute memento as a parting gift. It was an absolute pleasure being shown around Tokyo by her. We can heartily recommend her services.

Kimiko T.

Dear Kalsom, Thank you very much for your comment! Your hand writing letter is decorating on my desk. The sentences you wrote cheer me up every time I wish for you and your husband to have nice days. Best regards, Kimiko


Nikki L.

Mar 28, 2019

See cherry blossoms, visit Ameyoko and Ikeburra

Kimiko is very informative, helpful, patient and accommodative. She goes out of the way to Ensure we have an enjoyable trip. She also shares a lot of information about the culture and explains why things are the way they are eg. why do Japanese wear face masks during spring. Highly recommend kimiko as a guide!

Kimiko T.

Dear Nikki, Thanks for you and your son, spending with me joyful time. That day reminded me of the happy days I had spent in Singapore. And your words have greatly encouraged me. Thanks for very much. I wish you and your family 'll be happy from now on. Best regard, Kimiko