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If Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo, what could have been the fate of the British Empire? The Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, is a decisive battle which changed the course of history in Japan. Tactically, the Battle of Sekigahara is also quite similar to the Battle of Waterloo, in that in the first half, the situaton looked 50:50 but the arrival of Prussian toop (Kobayakawa troop) drastically changed the battle balance leading to a triumph of Wellington (Ieyasu).

I am much pleased to arrange a tailoured tour for those who know the gist of the Japanese history and are much interested in much deeper analyses of various historical events in Japan. I resided in Lodon for four years in 1990's and have been a professional novel writer focusing upon the historical mystery since 2002.

My strength covers a wide range of subjects, such as battles, poem reading as Matsuo Basho did, following his travel route in Oku no Hosomichi and railroad histories in Japan. As I am a professional mystery writer, I can also take you to eye catching sites covered in major Japanese mysteries. If you tell me a specific subject which you can probe deeply, I am happy to be your consulting partner.

I started my business career in investment banking and also accumulated a consulting business exeprience. I have an affluent experience acting as an accomodator and a tour guide for individual customers.

I will make my utmost effort so that your forthcoming cultural quest in Japan, can be fruitful and meaningful. Let's have an intriguing experience together!