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Hello, this is Kenta (KEN), a licensed tourist guide in Japan.

I have lived in Canada, Denmark and Singapore for total 5 years, which not only helping my English improved but develop my international mindset.

I like Japanese history, especially in the period when Samurai ruled Japan, called "Edo" era. Furthermore, I am addicted to the Japanese castles (So far, I have visited more than 70 castles throughout Japan!).

With this background, I find myself being as a tourist guide is the perfect job for me and have guided foreign tourist around the imperial palace since 2016.

I am not aiming for the ordinary tourist guide but would like to introduce the new ways of guiding called "Edurism" a coined word of "Education" and "Tourism". I do believe if you understand bit of the insight of the Japanese history, your trip becomes even more meaningful!

Let's learn Japanese history! Let's explore Japan!