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Yoshihisa O.

5.00(13) reviews

Available Areas

Chiba (Living), Tokyo, Kamakura, Nikko, Yokohama, Narita, Mount Fuji



English, French, Japanese (Native)


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1 day on average


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Hi, my name is Yoshihisa. Please call me Yoshi. I am a government registered official licensed guide. I am flutent in English, French, and can communmicate in Spanish.

I love travelling, I love meeting with people, I love cycling. Sharing the joy of traveling is my utmost pleasure. I cycled and do still cycle in abroad, almost every year. I did pilgrimages of Camino de Santiago, a World Heritage pilgirimage way starting from various parts in Europe ending at Santiago de Compostella at the western end of Spain, in 2015 and 2016, both 1,600 km for 34 to 37 days.

I live in Yachiyo-city, Chiba-prefecture, conveniently located both from Narita Airport and Tokyo. I can reach both to Narita and to Asakusa in approximately 30 minutes. Having worked for a Japanese bank, I am retired since three years. As I am retired, I can be flexible in working timeflame. I am in good health. You may think my reviews are not many. That is because I started Triplelights recently, though I have been guiding more than three years.

As a founding member of a cycling tour in Tokyo, I have been guiding inbound tourists more than 200 times in many places in Tokyo, and the number of gustes I guided amounts to more than 1000. Many guests I guided kindly left good remarks and I am happy to know that they spent good time. In the meantime, I have been involved in various guiding activities as a volunteer, where I guided more than a hundred private travellers in English and in French. Occasionally, I guided tourist to a long distance tour to places such as Mr. Fuji, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Shirakawagoh, Noto peninsula etc.

My area of strength is off-the-beaten paths, so called Shitamachi in Tokyo. If you wish to start from typical landmark places in Tokyo, but not ending there and still further wish to browse through non-touristic districts where you can see ordinary peoples lives old and new, you are the one most welcomed to come along with me. If you are a fan of cycling, you are invited to our cycling tour or I can give you helps tips about travelling in Japan by a bicycle.

I look forward to be with you sharing the greatest moment in Tokyo with you soon.

Thank you.

Bonjour, je m'appelle Yoshihisa. Appelez-moi, Yoshi. Je suis un guide agrée par le gouvernement. Je parle couramment le français, anglais, et je peut communiquer en espagnol.

J'aime voyager, rencontrer avec des gens. J'adore le vélo. Partager le joie du voyage est mon suprême plasir. J'ai voyagé et maintenant continue à voyager beaucoup à vélo en étranger. J'ai fait un pélerinage de Saint Jacques de Complostelle, un parcour de 1,600km, deux fois, en 2015 et 2016, pendant 34 à 37 jours.

J'habite à la ville de Yachiyo, à mi-chemin de l'aéroport de Narita et de Tokyo, une demi-heure à chaqu'un d'eux. Après avoir travaillé dans une banque japonaise, je suis en reteraite. Donc, je suis disponible en principe 7/7. Vous trouverez que le nomre de revues n'est pas beaucoup. C'est parce que, même je guide depuis trois ans, j'ai commencé avec Triplelights récemment.

Comme un des fondateurs d'un tour de Tokyo à vélo très bien réputé, j'ai guidé plus de 200 fois, plus de 1000 visiteurs à Tokyo. J'ai été donné de bonnes remarques aux sites, et je suis heureux à savoir quil'étaient contents. En même temps, je m'occupe de plusirères activités bénévoles, où j'ai guidé plus d'une centaines des voyagers etranger. Pas seulement à Tokyo, on est allé aux endroits comme, Mt.Fuji, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Shirakawagoh, et la peninsule de Noto etc.

Si vous voulez commencer par les sites touristiques de Tokyo, mais n'aimeriez pas à vous ârreter là, et voudriez naviguer plus profondément la ville quotidienne de Tokyo, Shitamachi, c'est avec moi que vous vous promeriez ensemble. Avec beaucoup de decouverts des secrets de cette ville très unique, une mèlange de modérnité et de tradition, je vous assure une superbe experience inoubliable.

Si vous êtes un amateur de vélo, je suis heureux à vous aider à voyager au Japon en vélo ou donner des renseignements.

Je suis vraiment ravis de vous rencontrer et vous attend avec impatience.




Linda H.

Feb 13, 2020

Tokyo in a day

Yoshihisa put together a tailor made itinerary which worked perfectly incorporating the highlights of Tokyo. We communicated well, exchanging ideas and information all in a very prompt and timely manner given the time difference. Yoshihisa is well travelled, charming and informative, l wouldn't hesitate to book him again or recommend.

Yoshihisa O.

Thank you Linda for your generous words. It was really an exciting moment that I traveled with you in Tokyo. Your enthusiasm of knowing about this city and country encouraged me a lot and made me feel rewarded when we finished our tour. Though we have covered a good part of the city, there are a lot more to dig into, so I trully look forward to seeing you again and share this great moment again with you. Yoshihisa


Ronel P.

Feb 1, 2020

A tour guide and a friend.

The weather is cold and its raining, but this guy never stops showing us the views of Narita. It was almost 7pm when the tour was over, we’re about to leave Japan at the departure lobby when i found out that my bag is missing and realized i forgot the bag in the restaurant where we eat ramen. Yoshihisa is the first person entered into my mind to ask for help. He answered quickly without hesitation, he took the train, went back to the restaurant and brought my missing bag within 30min. I dont know how i will thank this guy that time. It’s our first time in Japan with a good guide, very professional, he got knowledge, speaks very calm and friendly, Its unforgettable. I highly recommend Yoshihisa for those who wanted to visit Japan, you can’t go wrong. Thank you so much Mister Yoshihisa, I hope we will see each other again my guide, and my friend. Ronel

Yoshihisa O.

Thank you Ronel for having stopt over to Narita despite your tight Schedule and also for your generous words. The weather was wet and cold, but was warm in my heart. From the moment that we met at the gate, I didn't feel like we met for the first time. I was glad that you enjoyed every feature of the temple, the gate, the insence burner, the tower, the front market etc. Yes, the incident at the end was a bit surprise, but even pleasant. It even added a good memory of our friendship. Now I can't believe that it was such a short period of time that we were together. You stay always in my heart with a good memory of an evening in Narita, and I am looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you . Yoshihisa


Serena D.

Jan 25, 2020

Very Helpful

I had Yoshihisa meet my family of 9 at the airport and get us to our accomodation in Shinagawa. He helped us get our train tickets, suica card and even hire a mobile phone. Fantastic commmunication. Highly recommend.

Yoshihisa O.

Thank you Serena for your generous comment. It was really a fun for me too to be with a family like yours. I hope you all had great time in Japan. Though it was unfortunate that we missed an Opportunity to spend a full day traveling in Tokyo because of the volcanic eruption in the Philippines, I am hoping that we have another Opportunity to meet and spend great time together like we did this time. Wishing all the best to you and your family, Yoshihisa


Quennie W.

Jan 20, 2020

Very accommodating and friendly!

Thanks Yoshihisa for all your help!

Yoshihisa O.

Thank you Quennie. I hope your layover in Tokyo went smooth and all your family were happy. I look forward to the next Opportunity to meet and travel in Tokyo together. Wishinf all the happiness for you and your family, Yoshihisa