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A Day in the Life of a Japanese Tour Guide PTII

Forgot to tell you about my day.......

The tour begins well before I see you. I try to find out your likes and dislikes so I can adjust my tour to you. Cannot always be done, especially when there are crazy requests. I had a lady asking me if she could see Japanese Goats..... what the hell? What does that even mean? (Hope she does not see this, they were really nice).

Japan is amazing so I try to help with things you are looking for. I AM NOT AND NEVER WILL BE a generic guide sounding like a broken record telling you FACT AFTER FACT. I will though, give you awesome stories of places we go, things you probably would have never found out unless you were with me, and we make diversions. If you are trying to pack in a lot in a day, well then damnit, I am going to help you pack a lot in a day. We will get it done! AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Finding spices for people, trying to help with allergies or certain dietary requirements (which is really tough in Japan). I even had a guy that wanted POKEMAN! I took him to the POKEMAN WORLD STORE and he cried the entire time he was in there. LOL Good for him.

I want you to experience JAPAN, its Culture, its History, its Nuances, its Food and Drink. Its People! I will force you to interact with them during drinking time! LOL

My average walking day is around 13 kilometers. (That means you will walk that also).

My day begins two hours before I see you. I make sure I am there waiting for you. My mother taught me that it is better to be somewhere an hour beforehand than five minutes late. Actually had a group the other day saying they would arrive from Tokyo at NOON! I got their at 11:00am and was having coffee when he texted me at 11:15 that they had arrived!!!! WOAH!

I'm there. Let's have fun. I will walk that extra mile, do that extra experience, help you find crazy things and most of help create awesome memories. ......Richard

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