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A day in the life of an awesome Japanese Tour Guide

Well, hell. I first came to Japan in 1983. Lived here for sixteen years, went back home to the Grand Canyon and starting guiding. I have taken 20,000 people to the edge of the Grand Canyon, I have taken 20,000 people tot he top of Hawaii's Mauna Kea for stargazing tours. Yes, I know, I rock.

I started guiding in Japan in February of this year. Since I have studied and practiced Buddhism for 35 years and know more than most Japanese (and I mean nearly all) about their own History and mythology and Shinto Beliefs, and definitely know Kansai, I decided to kick some Shiitake here in this beautiful area we call Kansai.

I love people, I love showing people fun things, I love Japan and I love Japanese Sake. Seemed like the perfect fit and so here we are. I will start this blog with this little excerpt and we will go from here...... yes, that is a Japanese Craft Beer located right below the most sacred Shinto Shrine in all of Japan in Ise. Lets go!

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