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A day in the life of an awesome Japanese Tour Guide

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Well, hell. I first came to Japan in 1983. Lived here for sixteen years, went back home to the Grand Canyon and starting guiding. I have taken 20,000 people to the edge of the Grand Canyon, I have taken 20,000 people tot he top of Hawaii's Mauna Kea for stargazing tours. Yes, I know, I rock.

I started guiding in Japan in February of this year. Since I have studied and practiced Buddhism for 35 years and know more than most Japanese (and I mean nearly all) about their own History and mythology and Shinto Beliefs, and definitely know Kansai, I decided to kick some Shiitake here in this beautiful area we call Kansai.

I love people, I love showing people fun things, I love Japan and I love Japanese Sake. Seemed like the perfect fit and so here we are. I will start this blog with this little excerpt and we will go from here...... yes, that is a Japanese Craft Beer located right below the most sacred Shinto Shrine in all of Japan in Ise. Lets go!

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Tours By Guide

Kyoto Shrine & Temple Tour

I pick you up @ your Hotel (or) Kyoto Station, we hit my favorite Zen Temple with an amazing history, then one of most prominent Shrines in Kyoto, then the Castle so we can see how a Shogun ran a Castle. We head to the famous Nishiki Market and I show you what are the foods you should try (with sake) and then off to eat a little Okonomiyaki and hit two Geisha (Geiko) Districts.

FROM$346/ per person

Fushimi Inari Red Torii Gate Hike and Sake Tasting

The Fushimi Shrine is one amazing Shrine, it has over 10,000 Red (Vermillion) Torii Gates that takes 2 hours to walk through. The history and culture, the energy, it is hard to put into words. Come let me take you on Spiritual Journey that you will not soon forget! We will have some tasty Sake at the end.

FROM$328/ per person

Osaka Street Food Tour

This is a comprehensive tour concerning the National Drink of Japan, Japanese Sake and food from Japan's Kitchen (Osaka). Soul Food and good sake. I will delve into how sake is made and the stories behind how food dished evolved in Japan. Lot's of fun!

FROM$237/ per person

Osaka Shrine & Temple Tour

I will meet you at YOUR HOTEL IN OSAKA and we will head a Living Museum to see how Japanese lived 150~400 years ago, Osaka Castle Grounds, an Ancient Shrine, the oldest registered Buddhist Temple in Japan and two awesome food and sake Districts where locals hang out and have awesome Osaka 'Soul' food.

FROM$346/ per person

VIRTUAL JAPANESE TEA Ceremony - Inc kit & utensils

You will be SENT a bowl, a tea spoon, a tea whisk and Macha Tea for each person booked. On the tour day, you log on to ZOOM, the Guide will provide a 15-min intro The camera will be set as the Tea Master prepares the Tea, and you will follow along, watch the ceremony and use your items The high-quality Tea you will be using is the same Tea as you would have gotten at the actual ceremony You will then participate in drinking your Tea the proper way

FROM$374/ per person

The Secret Shrine of Omiwa & Sake Tasting

This is in NARA PREFECTURE. The oldest SHRINE in ALL OF NARA, OUTSIDE OF NARA CITY. This amazing tour gives you over 2,600 years of history, 4 Shrines, a local swimming somen noodle lunch, a local Nara sake tasting and then immersion into Japans History

FROM$410/ per person

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