After work, spend happy time at Dotombori

Where is Dotombori ?

  Dotombori is to Osaka what Gion is to Kyoto. The district is located in the area popularly called "Minami (south)", or south of Osaka city centering on Kintets` Railway Namba station, as compared with "Kita (north)", where JR Osaka station is the hub. On both sides of Dotombori river line business offices, shops, entertainment facilities and all sorts of restaurants and eateries. 

How to enjoy your stay

 Walk along the banks of Dotombori river, spend happy time on board the cruising boat while doing the sites on both sides, or enjoy eating or shopping in the area above the river bank. It would be better for you to be there in the evening in hot summer when the daytime heat subsides and cool wind prevails. You can enjoy the 20-minute cruising in the river on board the yellow-colored boat, which is run two to third times an hour between 1 pm and 9 pm.

Places of interest

 There are many well-known places which have distinctive characteristics: Ebisubashi-suji shopping street, where many shops from the Edo period line; Shinsaibashi-suji  Shopping Street, where there are fashionable shops; Soemon-cho Shopping Street good for night life; Dotombori Shopping Street, otherwise called "Kuidaore-no-mahci where you can spend all your money eating; Sennichi-mae Shopping Street; and Hozenji Yokocho Street, known for the "Mizukake-fudoson" Buddha statue covered with moss and for the long-running TV drams in earlier days. All those are good places for eating and walking. By the way, "suji" means a street running from north to south in Osaka.

Tour of Osaka Dotombori is here. 

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