Bit of everything in Nara

When you speak of sake, most people (including Japanese) think of Nada (near Kobe) or Kyoto.

But did you know that making sake really started at a temple in Nara?

Monks originally made sake as offerings to deities.

As a sake learner, I visited some shops for tasting for the first time yesterday.

 Oh, but first, I should drink THIS (ukon no chikara energy drink to avoid getting drunk) 


Well, sake shops open around noon (some places opens 9 a.m!), so I recommend you to go for a walk first.

My usual route is to visit Todaiji temple to see statue of Budda and then Kasuga Grand shrine.

They locate in a big deer park and I find it a great walking course.


 Look closer to Budda’s hand. Can you see he has webs in his hand?

It symbolizes that he saves all who seek for help. (webbed hand will scoop everything, right?)

I find it very interesting that everything has meaning in buddism.

I think religious paintings in European art usually have hidden(?) or symbols of subjests like "lily bell" means a “Savior is coming.”

 When I get back around the station, I went to 3 different shops nearby for tasting.

The picture of me is at Harushika (spring deer). They offer 5 different kinds of sake they make at the place.

It's only 500 JPY for tasting and you can get a sake glass for free!   

If you are interested in this standard Nara walking tour & sake tasting,

please check out my tour!  

I can customerinze it just for you too:)

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Tours By Guide

1 day walking tour in Nara

9 hours

Nara is an old capital in Japan even before Kyoto. They have this simple and calm atmosphere and give you an peace of mind. Enjoy walking around famous Nara deer park and surrounding area!

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Explore night Kyoto 20th-27th/Nov exclusive (Central Area)

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If you're coming to Kyoto on 20th-27th of November, you're so lucky to see light up spots!! I'll be 5 hours short tour and I'll take you to 2 or 3 different temples.

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Explore night Kyoto 8th-17th/Dec exclusive (North West)

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If you're coming to Kyoto on 8th-17th of December, you're so lucky to see light up spots!! I'll be 4 hours short tour and I'll take you to a famous bamboo tree & temple spot.

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South Osaka area 1 day tour

9 hours

Grasp the essence of Osaka! If you're looking for something standard but fun, this will be a great 1 day tour. I'll take you to the castle, temple, and lively streets.

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7.5hrs Japanese dollar shop spree

7.5 hours

If you look for shopping small/cute/reasonable/ things, this is THE TOUR for you! I will take you to at least 10 shops (including dollar shops) in town. Model course will be; 9:30 Pick you up at your hotel-->10-11:15 Kitahanada sta. (4 shops) -->11:30-12:30pm Lunch-->12: 45-1:45 Tennoji sta. (4 shops)-->2-2:30 snack time-->2:30-4:30 Umeda sta. (6shops)--> 5pm See you off at your hotel. *Depending on your preference on categories, I can change the course. These are the categories I can introduce you; -All kinds (kitchen, food, souveniors, stationaries etc) -Kitchen goods (tablewares, cutting boards, etc) -Accessories (neckless/earings etc) -Hats/caps (1000 JPY shop) -Charactor goods -Interiors

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