Cherry blossom viewing in Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Last month, the Japan Meteorological Corporation released a new cherry blossom forecast in 2019 . It says Hanami, flower viewing, will be a bit earlier this year. Fukuoka expects to see blossoms begin on 22 March,  reaching full bloom on 2 April. If you are lucky enough to visit  Japan during the period, here is one  of the recommended places for sakura viewing: Fukuoka Castle Ruins.

Fukuoka Castle Ruins boasts 1,000 cherry trees of 18 species, where you can enjoy flower viewing day and night time.  It's located in the center of Fukuoka city and symbolizes the regional feudal culture.  The ruins comprises several park area, some historic buildings and stone walls. You can enjoy picnic with some food and drinks in plenty of lawned areas and taking a stroll through a tunnel of flowers. What's more, there is a sakura festival on the ground between late March and early April.  The beautiful cherry trees will be illuminated from 18:00 to 22:00 and a variety of food stalls appear to offer local snacks and food. Even from outside the ground, you can see line-up cherry blossoms along the moat surrounding the castle.


Fukuoka Castle Ruins is within walking distance from Tenjin station in downtown. It's definately worth a visit for cherry blossom viewing!

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