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 Hi. I am Hiro, your tour guide. I have been doing this job for the past three years and so far, so good. I am especially happy when I see the smiling faces of my customers after the tour is over. As a matter of fact, this is the driving force that makes me continue doing this job. 

  I often ask myself if the visitors to this country feel their trip was really worth the time and money they spend.  Their answers have to be 100 percent "Yes." That should be the only reason for the existence of us tour guides.

 I spend a few afternoon hours in and around Kyoto station asking people seemingly from abroad if they are OK and I find most of them need help of one kind or another. Sometimes I take them to the places they want to go to if my words alone are not enough.  They would have to waste quite a long time if they were unable to find out the way to their hotels, train platforms or how to get a train ticket. 

 It is often said the job of a tour guide is the "form of civil diplomacy in a small scale." I agree. We owe a no small responsibility in advancing the world peace.  I am worried about the current international situation. Global warming is progressing step by step, many countries are strengthening  their military buildup and territorial disputes among nations are getting worse.

 I wish to see the smiling faces of my customers, especially those of kids. I will continue doing this job as long as I live.

 Lastly, let me introduce the words of the late U.S. president which I adore: "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."


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