Get an enlightenment at Toji temple

History of the temple

  The construction of this temple got started toward the end of the eighth century after the capital of Japan was moved to Kyoto from Nara . After having studied in China for two years, the Venerable "Kobo-Daishi", or "Kukai", was given this temple in 822. He wished that the peace of the nation will be maintained through the teachings of the Buddhism whose light will reach every corner of the world and that individual thought will coexist without infringing on each other to be finally realized through the cooperation of all the people.
  The four main structures of this temple, namely, "Kondo", "Kodo", "Jikido" halls and the five-storied pagoda were destroyed by typhoons, fires, lightnings and other natural disasters many times since their coming into being in the early 9th century . The reconstruction of these buildings as they stand now  were completed in the period between 1492 and 1644.


 The four main magnificent buildings really make you sigh in amazement . All of them were built with the sophisticated building technique in the ancient times some 1200 years ago. Inside them are various Buddha statues seated, or standing with a passionless face as if they were preaching us the enlightening yet grave Buddhist doctrines.

How to enjoy

  Just look at the faces of the Buddha images in the three halls and the five-storied pagoda. You will never end up not feeling the awe emanating from them. Taking a walk in the temple grounds looking at the marvelous wooden buildings will surely make you feel at ease. 
 (Unfortunately, however, photo-taking is not allowed inside the buildings). On the 21st of each month, which is called "Kobo-san" and is the monthly return of the date of the demise of the Venerable "Kobo-daishi ", more than 1,000 stalls are installed in the compound where you can buy various kinds of goods and souvenirs. There are more than 200,000 visitors on this day.

 Tour of Toji temple in Kyoto is here

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