GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!WithGoGuide
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Hiring A Guide In Cancun: Pros & Cons

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by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Ajitsa A.

Last updated : Apr 11, 20249 min read

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Finally, your chilled agua fresca is in hand as you gaze at the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea. The toasty sun's rays mix with cooling winds to create the perfect temperature, as the soft sand beneath your feet keeps your footsteps light. You're in Cancun, and the last thing you want to do is worry about the logistics of exploring as much of this magnificent city with the time you have.

Getting a Cancun tour guide is a great way to cushion your already relaxing adventure, but is a solo tour a better option? Don’t let deciding whether a guide is right for you burst your Cancun bubble. Let us do the hard part, with the good and bad of getting a guide or going it alone, all in one place. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to enjoy your future trips to the Mayan Museum of Cancun or Isla Mujeres confidently.

To Get A Guide: The Pros 

Is it worth it to get a tour guide? Yes. If you're looking for schedule flexibility, convenience, time management, safety, and special needs care, private guides are the way to go.


The Pros Of Hiring A Guide In Cancun

1. Free & Flexible- From the foamy, clear blue waters of Playa Delfines to the dark caves in El Bakam, Cancun is a wonderland and wonderlands create a sense of freedom when you explore them. Instead of a pre-set schedule that doesn't speak to your preferences, private guided experiences revolve around what excites you. No having to adjust your daily schedule to visit a place you don't want to go to.


2. Comfortable Convenience- Cancun's laid-back style becomes a luxury experience with a guide that takes care of the little and big things. Guides create a sense of comfort and convenience by...

  • Acting as a translator whenever you're out and about. English is common in major resort spots around the city, but as you move around, buy souvenirs, or have questions about venues, your guide will make the translation process smoother.
  • Being knowledgeable about local life, customs, and history. There's a rich Mayan heritage and historical significance centered in Cancun and its surroundings. With a local guide, you'll learn from an endless pool of information as you go.


3. Saving Time- Figuring out where to go in the visual buffet that is Cancun can feel like scrolling through your favorite streaming site. There’s too much to choose from! How does one stuff Chichen Itza, El Rey Maya, the Cancun Underwater Museum, and Xcaret in one trip? Then there's transport, ticket booking, and reservations you'll have to organize, adding a few hours, or maybe days, to your travel prep.  If you'd rather spend your time lounging, guides save the day by; 

  • Calling Ahead to book tickets, make reservations and organize reliable, safe transport around the city.
  • Transforming your interests, curiosities, and travel goals into a customized tour schedule with venue stops organized according to distance and travel time.
  • Making sure you don't get lost along the way. 


4. Staying Safe - Are private tours safe? Yes! They're much safer than group or solo touring, especially when you're in a new country or city. Cancun is a major tourist hub, so it's well-protected from violent crimes. With that said, it is a target for petty crimes like pick-pocketing and scams if you wander into sketchy neighborhoods and streets. A local private guide will keep you from the unsafe side of the city.  


5. Special Attention - Traveling when you have special needs and medical requests can be complicated. With a private guide, you’re able to make your needs known ahead of time, from dietary restrictions to physical ailments and needs. The guide fashions your itinerary with those needs in mind, taking out the mental gymnastics.

To Not Get A Guide: The Cons 

What are the disadvantages of having a tour guide? Stiff schedules, limited interaction with locals, large groups, and over-visited tourist attractions are some of the reasons people stay away from guided tours. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. For every con, there’s a way to make guided tours work for you. 


The Cons Of Hiring A Guide In Cancun

Dos & Don'ts When Touring With A Private Guide 

If it’s your first time considering a private guide, these handy tips will keep your experience positive and relaxing. 



Travel Tip: How To Hire A Private Guide In Cancun. 

Not sure how to go about booking a guided tour? These tips should point you in the right direction. 

  • Head to our Cancun Local Guides Page and select a guide. 
  • Click the "Message Guide" button on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  • Give as much information and detail about the type of tour you'd like to have. When would you like to go, what time of day do you like the most, and what hot spots do you want to hit? Anything to help our guides create a custom experience.
  • Let your guide know about any special requests (slow walking tours, private car tours, any handicaps or physical limitations)
  • Are there any festivals or special events you plan to attend? 
  • Are you a fan of shopping, history, water activities, parks, wildlife, and nature? Let your guide know so they can start the booking and scheduling process. 
  • Talk to your guide as often as you need before the tour day. 
  • Get excited about your tour! 


Discovering Cancun: Let's See Some Tours 

What are some Cancun tour packages you can try? These should help you get started. Pick and choose, mix and match, it’s up to you!


Guided Tours To Try While In Cancun


Ask your guide about these great destinations: 

  • From Cancun to Tulum & Coba-The Ultimate Day Trip: You don’t have to choose between Tulum or Cancun. You can have both with a day trip to the Mayan hieroglyphs and ruins of Tulum and Coba. With a private vehicle, walking between sites won’t be an issue, and you’ll enjoy a scenic lunch followed by some cave swimming to top the day off.
  • From Cancun to Ek Balam- The Ultimate Day Trip: Take on Ek Balam with the luxury of a licensed tour driver and local licensed guide with a passion for the history surrounding Ek Balam. Explore the ruins, stucco facades, and nearby Cenote Xcanché before lunch and a small visit to the colonial town of Valladolid.
  • Cancun Water Fest Day Tour:  Get wet and wild with all things sun, sea, and sand. From the Cancun Underwater Museum to the Interactive Aquarium and the Cenotes of Xcaret Park, there’s so much to see. Cap off your nature immersion with a journey through the mangrove jungle of the Nichupte Lagoon.
  • Discover Downtown Cancun Day Tour: From novelty souvenir shops from local artisans and food carts at the Parque Las Palapas, there's a lot to love about downtown Cancun. Get away from the large tourist crowds and discover a side of the city most don't see.


Ready to get your guided tour started? Contact a Cancun tour guide and start building your itinerary together. 

Mexico City Tour Guide - Alex V.

Alex V.


Hi guys, it's Alex here! ✌️ For over 5 years, I and my colleagues have been organizing tours to some of the most incredible places in and around Mexico City. As a team of local guides, we aim to help travelers discover our beautiful city and its surroundings in the most interactive, authentic, and fun way. In our tours, we strive to do things differently: avoid tourist traps, go off-the-beaten paths, interact with locals, learn about their traditions, and connect with their core values. So, if you want wanna discover Mexico from a local perspective, and get to know its history, culture, gastronomy, and nature, consider hiring us as your guides. Be sure, we will make your experience in Mexico City unforgettable!                                                                                                                                  

Quintana Roo Tour Guide - Saúl C.

Saúl C.


Welcome to Mexico! I'm thrilled that you've chosen to explore this cherished corner of the world that I hold so close to my heart. Originally from Mexico City, I've spent over 18 years immersed in the Cancun and Riviera Maya region, including Playa del Carmen and Tulum. For the past 16 years, I've worked as a dedicated tour guide, starting with local adventure and culture tours. This journey has led me to connect deeply with the Mayan communities, learning from their wisdom and traditions. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of guiding countless travelers—though I've lost track of the exact number. But one thing I can confidently say: I adore this profession. My exploration extends beyond these coasts. I've journeyed extensively across southeastern Mexico on overland tours spanning 10 to 15 days. Traveling from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen, I've traversed Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco, and the entire Yucatan Peninsula—my specialty. What I truly love are private tours. As for sales pitches, that's not my forte. But rest assured, we're destined to have a blast. We'll dive into cenotes, master the art of crafting corn tortillas, ascend ancient Mayan temples, learn from original cultures, and even grasp a few phrases in the Mayan language. Expect jungle hikes, exhilarating bike rides, an abundance of photographs and videos, snorkeling through vibrant coral reefs, and tranquil boat trips through nature reserves—home to crocodiles, spider monkeys, howling monkeys, flamingos, eagles, and more. We'll explore renowned spots for capturing epic photos. I can't wait to share these experiences with you. Until then, take care and see you soon!                                                                                                                                 

Quintana Roo Tour Guide - Octavio M.

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Hi friends, my name is Octavio. I have 7 years dedicating to tourism. From chill activities like camping, hiking or cultural tours, to a lot of adventure like rafting, rappel, cliffjumping, mountain biking, diving, climbing, wakeboarding, among other ones. Let me present you the best experiencies and guide you throug waterfal, cenotes, caves, trails, camps in the incredible jungles of Mexico, I love to share nature experiences with my clients, so we can remind the importance of everything that surround us.                                                                                                                                  

Quintana Roo Tour Guide - Fernando Y.

Fernando Y.


Welcome to a unique travel experience! I am Fernando Y, private tour guide. I’m excited to share how my passion for travel and local knowledge can make your experience unforgettable. 8 years ago, my love for México and my fascination with urban photography led me to become a tour guide. Each tour is an opportunity to explore and capture the unique essence of our cities and landscapes. As an experienced tour guide, my approach goes beyond the conventional. I pride myself on my ability to immerse visitors in the cultural richness of the places we visit, offering a unique and enriching experience. My method involves not only providing historical facts but also engaging in a deeper analysis of the design of ancient cities, particularly those steeped in antiquity like those of the Mayan civilization. To make a more complete and entertaining tour, I use digital visual media and maps. I consider myself a good photographer, you can always support on me to get the best photos, from the best angles. My success, you do not adapt to me, once I meet you at the beginning of the tour, I adapt to you.                                                                                                                                 

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