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    Popular Tours in Mexico City

    Mexico City´s Historical Center Highlights (walking Tour)

    Mexico City
    6 hours

    We will visit the heart of Mexico's Capital City, where Tenochtitlan City (Aztec Capital City) was previously erected in 1325. Our private tour will visit all stages of the history of the place. Visiting Zócalo, National Palace; we will get inside to see the murals made by Diego Rivera. Templo Mayor archaeological site where we can see part of the pyramids and temple of the holy city and the museum. You will full discover why Mexico City is called "The City of Palaces".

    FROM$300/ per group
    Cesar G.

    Towns that built a City : Xochimilco & Coyoacan

    Mexico City
    6 hours

    This visit in one word would be: "colors"; the three points we will visit are full of them, and they are from different stages in the history of Mexico. The Aztec tribe or Nahuas, split in seven tribes; the Mexicas stablished. The Aztec tribe or Nahuas, split in seven tribes; Tepanecas in Coyoacan and the Xochimilcas obviously in Xochi, so these three neighborhoods have their own traditions, and since the 40’s became part of Mexico City.

    FROM$440/ per group
    Cesar G.

    Private Tour: Teotihuacan and Shrine de Guadalupe

    Mexico City
    7 hours

    In your private vehicle, we begin with a visit to the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, the main square of Tlatelolco, and an introduction to the three main periods of Mexican history. Then, explore Teotihuacán, the 2,500-year-old settlement, “the place where the gods were born.” Afterwards we will have a typical lunch. Afterwards, we will go to the largest Sanctuary in Mexico, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, ending with your return to the hotel.

    FROM$239.99/ per person
    Ana M.