Hot August in Hiroshima

70 years after the tragedy

Every year on 6th August at the time of 8:15 am, almost all of Hiroshima citizens (and most of Japanese nation) offer a moment of silent prayer for the victims of the Atomic Bomb, and so do they (including me) this year surely.  Peace Memorial Ceremony is carried out in the presense of the head of Japanese government and very important guests from all over the world. We think about what happened in Hiroshima 70 years ago, and pray for the victims of the atomic bomb. Peace memorial park is the place where we feel how terrible and indiscriminate the atomic bomb was. And also this is the place where young generation, who have not experienced war, could feel and imagine "war".  

Enjoy Hiroshima!!

But after the ceremony the participants would see also the city of Hiroshima which resurged from the tragedy.
Now Hiroshima city is full of energy with many fans of baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp whose uniform is always red colour. If you see many people wearing the same red uniform in the afternoon, that means a match is played in Hitoshima Baseball Mazda Stadium on the day. You can check the schedule of matches beforehand on the site (If date is coloured with pink, that is the day!) : Carp Calendar. Honestly speaking, these years Hiroshima Toyo Carp has not been very strong, but Hiroshimites love this team because it is the symbol of Hiroshima city. Hot people!


Okonomiyaki, a special pancake of wheat flour, egg, cabbage, sea food with sweet/a bit salty source is also MUST local specialty for tourists. Hiroshima's okonomiyaki, with layers of indegredients is different from Osaka's one. If you cut the pancake vertically, you can see layers of egg, wheat, cabbage, noodle, meat, seafood, one by one. If you visit your friend's house without advance anouncement, Okonomiyaki is the most likely food you would be treated with. It's such a popular and easy food in Hiroshima. On the other hand, Osaka's Okonomiyaki is all mixed. To be honest, I like Osaka's okonomiyaki much more than Hiroshima's. Sorry. But everyone has its own taste. Please try both of them! Anyway, the secret is the source. "Otafuku" source made in Hiroshima. Otafuku is a flat and round faced woman which is marked on the top of the label. Hot food!
Hiroshima's Summer is hot. I hope many visitors to the peace memorial ceremony would have chance to enjoy swimming in the sea even for a couple of minutes taking off their dark coloured jackets. Hiroshima is facing to Setouchi inland sea, very calm, walm water. When I was small, I used to swim in this too calm sea without waves, waiting for big ship passing which cause a slightly high wave. So Hiroshima is ideal place for biginners to swim in the sea. Cool beach!
If you decide to visit Hiroshima, please do not forget to drop by also country side. The city and the country side are different, but both are typical of Hiroshima. I organize countryside experience in Hitoshima. Saori's Summer Tour in Hiroshima Countryside





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