Hot Spring in Japan、 日本の温泉



Japan is a volcanic country.


Every day, somewhere in Japan, a volcano is in eruption. 


Volcanic activities are quite usual for Japanese people, so they won't be  surprised unless they hear an eruption occur in the neighboring mountains.


To be sure, it causes much damage, but it also heal mind and body.



The greatest blessing of volcanos lies in hot spring.


There are about 3000 hot springs in Japan.


Most volcanos are in mountainous areas.


Rivers flow like a crawling snake through mountain ranges.


You take an open-air bath, surrounded by beautiful scenery of nature.


Hot spring ryokan (Japanese-style inn) are usually built in areas like this.


Open-air hot spring bath with fresh green in spring will refresh your mind. The superb beauty of colorful autumn leaves reflected on the surface of water is beyond description.


In your room gorgeous cuisine is waiting for you.


You enjoy eating fresh raw fish, beautifully prepared wild boar, and seasonal mountainous vegetables.


Japanese people owe much to volcanos.


Volcanic energy often gives people life energy to make a new step.


If you want to have beautiful skin, Ryujin hot spa will meet your desire. The spring water containing various minerals is effective to smooth, milky, moist skin.


It is one of the most famous beauty hot springs.


Come to think of it, there is also a famous beauty hot spring for wild  monkeys in Nagano prefecture. 


A monkey is wise. Someday in your life, you may have a chance to see a male monkey drinking Japanese sake, female ones dancing and singing. 


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Tours By Guide

Kyoto Westside Story : Walk Samurai Roads with History Guide

8 hours

Kyoto is a very attractive city even for Japanese people. It's no exaggeration to say that the essence of Japan is here in Kyoto. For a person who specializes in history, this city is like a treasure house. Of course you go around beautiful spots but you also learn a lot about Japanese culture and history. Walking around Gion in the early evening may be a lot of fun.

FROM$265/ per group

Walk Along The Emperor's Path In Ancient Nara

8 hours

Nara was Japan's first capital, established in 710 at Heijo. Surrounded by huge neighbor Osaka or Kyoto, Nara is overshadowed but one of the major sightseeing spots in Japan. 7 world heritage sites in it. Nara Park has 4 world heritage sites in it. All these ancient civilizations are sure to invite you to the ancient permanent world.

FROM$265/ per group

Walking Along History Paths In Kyoto & Nara

10 hours

Nara and Kyoto are well known as an old historical city, Nara the first and Kyoto the second capital. But it has a clear distinction. If you know it, your tour will be much more fun. In this tour you walk emperor's road in Nara and samurai's road in Kyoto. You are a specialist of ancient Japan after the tour.

FROM$327/ per group

Walk Exciting, Dynamic, Exotic Osaka

8 hours

Osaka is a dynamic, energetic city. It is full of vibrancy and new cultures are born one after another. Developing as a merchant town, it has created unique cultures and these cultures spread all over Japan. It is also famous as a city of food. Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki were first invented here. Food, fashion, shopping, sightseeing; you will never be tired of its full attractions.

FROM$360/ per group

Day Trip to Hiroshima, Kurashiki, Himeji from Kyoto or Osaka

10.5 hours

This is basically a custom tour. You may go around various popular sightseeing spots. Itsukushima Shrine and Atomic Bomb Dome are main destinations in this tour. You can also enjoy eating Hiroshima food speciality. 

FROM$360/ per group

Half A Day Kyoto / Nara Tour

4.5 hours

This is a seasonal tour from July to August. Recommendable to parents with young kids, aged people, those who want to avoid heat. Tour starts at 8:00 - 8:30 and ends around 12:30 before it becomes hottest. Destinations are relatively cool places. Arashiyama, Nara Park, Ohara, Kifune, Mt. Hie

FROM$198/ per group