If you are interested in Japanese sake, head to Chichibu.

Are you interested in Sake?


If so, please come to Chichibu.

Chichibu has several sake breweries with wonderful histories.


Among them, the sake brewery of "Chichibu Nishiki" has a history of over 270 years,

The new taste created by modern master craftsmen has received high acclaim, such as winning the gold medal for seven consecutive years at the National New Sake Appraisal.


Also, the sake brewery that manufactures "Buko Masamune" has continued to make wonderful sake in the same place for 270 years.


Please check "Chichibu Nishiki" and "Buko Masamune" in Google search!


I have recently visited both breweries and purchased some excellent Sake.

Chichibu Nishiki's sake brewery has a sake brewery museum along with the shop.

In addition, the building of the sake brewery of "Buko Masamune" is from the Edo period and is a registered tangible cultural property designated by the Japanese government!

Inside the shop, you can feel the atmosphere of history. 


Amazingly, both breweries have tasting corners where you can taste the sake they sell.

Please taste and find your favorite Sake.

Of course, you can buy Sake as a souvenir.


 You can get to Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture from Tokyo, but if you stay in Kawagoe, which is also in Saitama Prefecture, you can get there more conveniently by train or taxi.


How about coming to Kawagoe directly from Narita Airport and as a base for your activities, visit the sake breweries of Chichibu, the hot spring areas of Kusatsu and Ikaho, and visit Tokorozawa Sakura Town.


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