Imagine the Cherry-blossom -viewing party by Toyotomi Hideyoshi

History of Daigo-ji-Temple

  The origin of Daigo-ji Temple dates back to 874, when a student priest of Reverend "Kobo-daishi" acquired the mountain "Daigo-yama," which was then the sacred training ground for mountain-based ascetic priests, carved two Kannon Goddesses and placed the carvings on the top of the mountain.  Afterward, under the protection of the three successive emperors, buildings were constructed one after another both in the upper and lower parts of the mountain. The temple served as the hub of the "Daigo" faction of the "Shingonsyu" sect of Buddhism with the support of the Imperial family and feudal lords.  Although it was destroyed by fires many times, the temple buildings were reconstructed after a ruler of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, held a cherry-blossom viewing party in 1598. In the Edo period, one of the temple buildings, "Samboin hall," was designated as the head temple for those ascetic priests. Surviving the orders of "Separation of Shintoism and Buddhism" and "Abolition of ascetic training in mountains" after the Meiji Restoration, the temple has kept its teachings to this day under the efforts of successive head priests. The temple was added to the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in 1994.

How many structure are there ?

 There are a total of more than 30 structures, large and small, in the temple precincts ranging from the top of Mt. "Daigoyama" to its foot. Many of them are designated as the national treasures or important cultural assets. 

Joys of the tour

 You will be amazed at the harmony of man-made wooden structures, large and small, and the beautiful natural surroundings. The murmur of the small, pure stream will be soothing to you ears. The whole of the temple precincts will serve you as the place for curing all your worldly worries and recharging your internal batteries. Sitting on the roadsides and enjoying having lunch may be a wonderful idea.

  If you wish, you can go up the mountain to get to the place where Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one-time ruler of Japan, held a lavish cherry-blossom viewing party for his mother in 1598.

Tour of Daigo-ji Temple is here. 


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