Kaiseki-ryori (traditional cuisine)

■What is Kaiseki-ryori?

There are many different food cultures in Japan. Sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, ramen, are famous. Beside these, there is “Washoku” (traditional Japanese cuisine). Washoku was designated as the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2015.

The most refined form of Washoku is “Kaiseki-ryori”.  It was originally a simple meal served during the tea ceremony and vegetarian with a bowl of soup and three kinds of dishes. However, in the modern day, many restaurants offer much richer and many more dishes. It contains not only vegetables but also seafood, meat and fruits, with an emphasis on seasonal fresh ingredients.

They are presented in a beautiful way, because it is believed that the eyes also eat.  Containers are selected according to color coordination, season, or special events.

■ A sample menu of Kaiseki-ryori

Example of the Japanese restaurant " Ichiyu" 「一游」

Service time:         first round : from 17:30 ,    second round: from 19:30

メニュービュッフェ (Menu buffet)

【進肴 : Appetizer taken with alcoholic drinks】
 ※お1人様“一品”お選び下さい。:   ※You can choose one from three appetizers.
牛舌ステーキ(Gyutan steak) :  beef tongue steak
天麩羅盛合せ(Tempura)  :  seafood and vegetables deep-fried in batter
鮎の塩焼き (Ayu no shioyaki)  :   grilled sweet-fish seasoned with salt

【サラダ : Salad】
魚介燻製サラダ(Gyokai kunsei) : smoked seafood salad
季節のサラダ(Kisetsu no salad) :  seasonal salad

【冷菜 : Cold dish】
チーズとクラッカー  :  cheese and cracker
湯葉 (Yuba)  : soy-milk skin
蛍烏賊醤油漬け(Hotaru-ika ) : firefly squid marinated with soy sauce
水雲酢(Mozuku-su) : dark brown seaweed pickled in vinegar
南蛮漬け(Nanban-zuke)  :  fried fish pickled in vinegar flavored with chili pepper
焼茄子(Yakinasu) : grilled eggplant

【温菜 : Hot dish】
ポテトフライ(Potato fry) : French fries
厚焼き玉子(Atsuyaki-tamago)  : thick omelet
一口ハンバーグ(Hanbagu)  : small hamburger steak
鶏のから揚げ(Tori no kara-age) : deep-fried chicken
鶏の塩焼き(Tori no shio-yaki) : grilled chicken with salt
揚たこ焼き(Age takoyaki) : fried takoyaki (chopped octopus in batter )
焚き合せ (Taki-awase)  :  boiled vegetables and meat

【お食事 : Main dish】
握り寿司2種 (Nigiri-zushi 2 shu) : two kinds of sushi
白ご飯セット(Shiro gohan set) :  a set of steamed rice
牛肉時雨煮ご飯セット(Gyuniku) : a set of steamed rice mixed with powdered beef
お子様カレー(Okosama carry) : carry and rice for a kid

【汁物 : Soup】
季節のスープ (Kisetsu no soup) : seasonal soup
お吸い物 (Osuimono) : clear soup (a very elegant kind of consommé)

【水菓子 : Dessert】
季節の氷菓子(Koorigashi) : seasonal ice dessert
季節のゼリー(Kisetsu no jelly) : seasonal jelly
プチケーキ(Puchi cake) : small cake
フルーツ葛切り(Fruits kuzu-kiri) : fruits in jelly
白玉ぜんざい(Shiratama zenzai) :sweet red-bean soup topped with mochi

 (Souce: Japanese restaurant Ichiyu)

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