Maiko theater

When you are in Gion, maybe you are trying to see or enccounter real geisha, but in fact, it depends on your luck. If you are lucky enough, you will see geisha or Maiko ( an apprentice )

In addition, they just walk so quickly and sometimes you might miss the shuter chance to put her in your camenra. But if you hire maiko or geiko, you are required to spend much much money 

And when you go to. Gion corner to see maiko, just 10 min is given to you to take pictures. so soon,,,,,

How about this?

Maiko theater offers about 1.5 hours to g ive enough time for you to share the time with Maiko.

You can see her tea ceremony, or have lunch
Then you can enjoy two dances really close to the stage.

After or before that, you can have a picture taken with her.

If you have any questions, you can ask and talke with her.  And the souvenir of Japanese towle is ready for you.

I think it is worth visiting.

Tea session === 6800 yen

lunch -------------8800 yen

The reservation is required. 

Please note that the cancellation pilicy is strict, ( which is the rule of geisha town) 
After the booking is completed, you will not get refund in case of cancellation even if it is just 5 min after the booking.



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