Manners when traveling to Japan

・Please say hello at first meet. As is the case with any country, there is a risk that the other person will not be able to understand your country and have a negative image of it.

・Now that the corona virus has not ended, please wear a mask when walking outside.
You can remove it in private spaces.

・Please be considerate of your surroundings when taking commemorative photos or shopping at tourist spots.
Compared to other countries, many places in Japan are smaller and more intimate, and it can cause trouble if more than one person gathers.

・If you get lost or get separated from your group, please contact your tour supervisor immediately. If you don't know the phone number of the person in charge of supervision, ask a passerby for the police box. A police officer will respond.

・If you get injured or feel unwell, please report it to the supervisor immediately and go to a hospital that can accommodate foreigners.

・If you have any food allergies, please inform the supervisor in advance.
Compared to other countries, Japan is a country with less theft damage, but the possibility of being a victim is not zero. Please bring cash, cards, etc. separately. Please bring enough cash that you will not be bothered if you drop or lose it.

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Tours By Guide

Kyoto Historical Explorer -Day Trip from Osaka

8 hours 30 min

Kyoto is unlike today's Osaka. Many traditional landscapes remain, and there are many places where you can see old Japan. Shrines and temples are famous, but how about a trip to experience Japanese culture and food?

FROM$85/ per group

Southern Osaka Explorer

8 hours 30 min

Learn about Japanese history Visit a giant burial mound A unique sign welcomes you in Shinsekai, and you can climb up to Tsutenkaku, the symbol of Osaka, and see the city of Osaka. For lunch, let's eat the fish you caught. Enjoy fresh seafood. In the afternoon, enjoy the feeling of being in the sea at Kaiyukan, one of the largest aquariums in western Japan.

FROM$80/ per group

Northern Osaka Explorer

8 hours

Sign up for this exclusive excursion to travel across the tourist attractions of Osaka, Japan. Go to the Umeda Sky City, wander around the Expo'70 Commemorative Park and look at the iconic Tower of Sun. Visit VS Park, the world's first entertainment sports facility and then explore Nifrel, a futuristic attraction that's partly aquarium, partly zoo and partly a science museum.

FROM$66/ per group

Kyoto Ramen Tour from Osaka

4 hours

Ramen noodles are known as a national food of the Japanese people, and have developed into an explosively popular food in Japan. Kyoto is also a city that consumes a lot of ramens, so it has a reputation for its variety and deliciousness.

FROM$39/ per group

Suntory Beer Factory&Sake Brewery 1D(8h) Tour from Osaka

8 hours

≪++SPECIAL BONUS++ ≫ YOUR FACTORY AND MUSEUM entrance fees are paid by the guide!! Recommend for Japanese beer and sake lovers!! Japanese sake is also popular overseas. We have a wide range of products such as whiskey, beer, shochu, and fruit wine. Beer tour (or whiskey tour) in the morning A tour to visit and taste Japanese sake breweries

FROM$123/ per person

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