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Manpukuji-temple,Otaku Magome.


Manpukuji is located in Magome, Ota-ku, Tokyo. It is a temple of the Sodo sect that was built in the Kamakura period. (1180-1336)

It is said that Kajiwara Kagetoki was founded by the order of Minamoto no Yoritomo. In addition to the main hall, there are a bell tower and a Kannon hall. There is a sculpture of the four heavenly kings in the hall, which is very beautiful.
Beside the gate is a statue of horse "Surusumi".

The scenery seen from the hill hides the old appearance.


The scenery seen from the hill hides


a bell tower

a bell tower




The four heavenly kings in the kannon hall

They are Jikokuten,Zouchouten,Koumokuten and Tamonnten (or Bishamonnten) 



a statue of horse "Surusumi".

A statue of horse "Surusumi". The horse of Kajiwara Kagetoki. He was a Minamoto Yoritomo's subjects.

 Minamoto Yoritomo was the founder of Kamakura Goverment. (1192)


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