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 It is my pleasure to take you to the tour of Kyoto, a well-known international city. Please have a hands-on experience of the city. The beauty of the city will remain in your memoly all your life.

(1) Sightseeing places in Kyoto   

There are Arashiyama, "Kinkaku-ji" Golden Pavilion and "Kyoto-gosyo" Imperial Palace to name just a few. Compared to other major cities in Japan like Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto is much more quieter and cleaner, because there are no major manufacturing plants, and therefore, no pollution. Besides, the city was not damaged in the last war, which is the major reason why ancient structures reamin to this day. You will not only be amazed at seeing the magnificent Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, but also smell the traditional Japanese culture: the delicate aroma of burning incense at temples, for example. Besides, you can listen to a Shinto priest tell the myth that has been handed down from generation to generation in the shrine. Above all, all of the sightseeing spots in Kyoto are the superb combination of man-made structures and the beautiful natural surroundings.

 (2) How to relish cuisines in Kyoto     

 You can relish both Japanese and foreign dishes at restaurants everywhere in the city, but the nearest of all the eating places is on the 11th floor in the Kyoto station building, dubbed "Gourmet Street", where you can have all sorts of cuisines. On the 10th floor of the same building are the "ramen" noodle restaurants serving various sorts of the noodle dishes of the Chinese origin. There is also a restaurant serving vegetarian food in the second basement floor of JR Kyoto station.

(3) Transportation  

   Most of the temples and shrines as well as other entertainment facilities are accessible by bus, subway or train services for fares of 200 to 300 yen.

(4) Festivals & events

 We cannot talk about Kyoto without mentioning festivals. There are many time-honored festivities that have been handed down from generation to generation with great care and loved by citizens.

・ Aoi-matsuri festival on May 15

 It is a parade of men and women clad in traditional Heian era (794-1191) costumes walking slowly down on the main streets of the city from Kyoto Imperial Palace to Kamigamo-Jinjya shrine. It looks as if that era had sudenly re-emerged in this ancient capital city. People`s focus of attention is the "Saiodai" queen, who serves as the heroine. Coupled with the soothing weather at the time, the event attracts millions of people both from all over Japan as well as from abroad.

 ・Gion-matsuri festival in July

 It is a festival held as part of the annual events of Yasaka-Jinjya shrine, a parade of huge, colorfully-decodated floats towed by volunteering citizens going on the streets of Gion district in the hottest time of year. It was originally held in early Heian period as a means of dispelling epidemics, but the event has taken root as the cheerful mid-summer event. Its climax comes on the 17th and 24th of July as 33 floats weave along the roads. Millions of spectators flock to the scene to see the powerful and colorful gaieties.  

 ・Jidai-matsuri festival on October 22

  Organized by the citizens in general as well as by the parishioners of Heian-Jinjya Shrine, it is the parade of hundreds of citizens clad in clothes representing various walks of life in the period of 1,100 years from the days of Emperor Kanmu down to the Meiji Retoration when Kyoto was the capital of Japan. They walk on the boulvard in a pageantry of the eventful and colorful history of the city.

(5) Kyoto is the precious asset of the world

 The city of Kyoto is no longer a city of Japan alone; it is the asset owned by peoples all over the world. So, why not enjoy seeing it in its intirety?

 Tour of Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion is here.

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