My trip to the SUISIDE FOREST( AOKIGAHARA sea of trees) it is scary a bit but the nature is ridiculo

I went to the famous SUICIDE forest ,or sea of trees which locates north of Mt. Fuji.

This dense forest is on the outflow of lava of Mt Fuji .

It is a mythological place of the ghosts ,but it is known as the place where many people end their lives too.Every directions look the same inside the foirest .And it is said the directional compass doesn't work in some places so it is very difficult to escape  if you get lost inside.

There are a lot of mysterious caves in this forest .

I wanted to see the icicles inside the caves because it is very mysterious to see in summer time .

This is my first time ,so I scared a bit at first .When I enter the forest I noticed the silence of the place . It is very quiet in side the forest ,can't hear anytjing but rustling of the trees and twitters of the birds .

But srrounding nature is very beautiful !Then I started to explore the caves .

The tempareture inside the caves are 0-3 degrees celsius ,very cold ! I slopped through narrowv road and saw huge icecles along the caves I saw brautiful big lightup icecles too!.I enjoyed cold breeze even in summer . After I went out the cave I was taking the video around the area , but suddenly my iphome was broke up without any reason. It was black out and never moved again ,totally dead .I scared again.........



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