Night Tour at Gion District

Please find 5 places, visiting by Night tour at Gion district,

where you can appreciate beautiful Autumn Tints in Autumn

and you can appreciate Cherry Blossom in Spring

This is the Shimbashi Street, which is preserved by Kyoto city.

This is the Hamami-koji street, main street of Gion.

Please find the Yasaka Shrine at Nihgt, where we can enjoy Autumm tints in Autumn and Cherry Blossom in spirng.

This is the Shirakawa street, paving by stone, and some retaurants are located along the river

In autumn, you can enjoy Autumn Tints and Cherry Blossoms in Spring.

This is the Ponto-cho Alley, many restaurants and some Geisya House are loczated

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Tours By Guide

Hilights in Kyoto & Nara

9.5 hours

We will visit three highlights in Kyoto, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Bamboo Grove & Tenryuji Temple in Arashiyama and Kinkakuji Temple and visit two highlights in Nara, Todaiji Temple and Nara Deer Park. You will fully enjoy these places and get in touch with feelings of Kyoto and Nara cultures.

FROM$229/ per group

Kyoto 3 highlights & plus one

6.5 hours

I select 3 main sight-seeing place in Kyoto, and visit another 1 place on your option *Fushimi Inari Shrine *Arashiyama Bamboo Grove togetherwith *Kinakuji Temple (World Heritage Site) and please select another 1 place at your option

FROM$166/ per group

Kyoto Night Walking Tour

1.5 hours

Would you stroll Gion, Kiyamachi, Ponto-cho, Shirakawa,Yasaka Shrine with me, which are Kyoto entertainment areas ? Old wooden houses and narrow alleys such as old townscape exist as they are. Some areas are lighted up and many poeples will gather there after 18:00pm Please feel the night enthusiasm, today.

FROM$90/ per group

Nishiki Market & Gion District including Yasaka Shrine & Kenninji Temle in Kyoto, Half Day

4 hours

Let's walk around Nishiki Market and Gion District, including Yasaka Shrine & Kenninji Temple. Nishiki Market is 6 block long and offers you dellcious food in Kyto, and at Gion District,you realize traditional wooden houses of Geisha houses, restaurants. Yasaka is Guardian Shrine of Gion and Kenninji temple offers several beautiful gardens and cultural assets.

FROM$113/ per group

Walking Kyoto Downtown

8 hours

At Fushimi Inari Shrine, you can pray for family prosperity, success and safety Fushimi Sake Brewerey is one of three great Sake Brewery districts in Japan. Nishiki market is food court, where provide high quality ingredients from old days. At Yasaka Shrine, please get a good luck Kiyomizu Temple will serve you an extensive view of Kyoto city from veranda, standing on the cliff.

FROM$204/ per group

Hiroshima One-Day Tour from Kyoto

9.5 hours

Itsukusima Shrine, floating shrine in the sea will attract you. At this district, the difference between high tide and low time is 3-4 meters, and the you can walk to the Large size Torii in the Sea Hiiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, and Atomic bomb Museum will remind you why the World Peace is important for Human-being.

FROM$229/ per group

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