Osaka Tenpozan Santa Maria Cruising (Video)

The Port of Osaka

These days luxury cruise ships such as Diamond Princess, Celebrity Millenium, and Ocean Princess call at the port of Osaka.  Actually Diamond Princess called at the Port of Osaka on Sep 8th 2015. 

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

is located in front of the port of Osaka.  It is one of the largest aquariums in the world and It has the 5th largest tank of water.  The most popular attraction is a big whale shark called "Jinbeizame."  Of course you can see fur seals, penguines, tropical fish, sea otter, sea turtles, jelly fish, capibara and the like.

The Santa Maria

sails from next to the port of Osaka.  You can enjoy 45-minute Osaka Bay cruise.  First you see Giant Ferris Wheel next to Osaka Aquarium. And you pass under the Tenpozan Bridge, which is a white cable-stayed bridge that has a structure with the bridge beams supported by cables.  On the left side you see USJ, or Universal Studio Japan.  Last year(2014) under the influence of Harry Potter Opening, nearly 13 million tourists visited USJ.  It was the highest record ever and surpassed the number visiting the USJ of Holywood and Florida in U.S.A.  We can see the tower of Hogwarts Castle and roller coaster.

Osaka Bay Bridge

is a red bridge, one of the symbol of the port of Osaka.  It is the third longest-spanning cantilever truss bridge in the world.  The bridge features a double-deck structure.  The upper deck is used for Kobe-bound traffic while the lower deck is for Osaka-bound traffic.

Why don't you enjoy Osaka Golden Tour.







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