Space of Wonder at Mt. Daisen

Worship lying on your back~Enryuin Temple

Worshipers are lying on the floor and staring into the upside here. Indeed, there are wonderful ceiling pictures. Enryuin is a Buddhist temple, however, you'll find not a picture of Buddha but 110 pictures of 'yokai(monsters)'. 

The priest of this temple preaches a sermon as follows: monsters were originally gods and Buddha. Those gods haunt and live in the universe and teach admonitions to the human. It's the time we really need those monsters, because we live in the bloodthirsty world where people's heart has been spoiled. Monsters  will help you with your true happiness.

The pictures of 'yokai' were painted by a noted cartoonist"Mizuki Shigeru" who  died in 2015. Most 'yokai' that Mizuki Shigeru had created are affable and friendly.  You can also see 153 bronze 'yokai' statues located 30km north from the temple.  The 'yokai' town is called "Mizuki Shigeru Road" at Sakaiminato City, Tottori prefecture.

Enryuin Temple                                                                                                             Business hours:everyday9:30AM~3:30PM                                           Phone: 090-3178-6774    Price: adult 400JPY  child 200JPY    Zen meditation 500JPY                                                              Website:

1300 year’s Anniversary of Mt. Daisen

Mt. Daisen(1729m) has been a great spiritual center of mountain worship since the ancient times. Daisenji Temple is the core of it. And there are many temples and shrines around the trail base. Enryuin is one of the sub-temples of Daisenji. Daisenji Temple and the town of the trail base of Mt. Daisen will celebrate 1300th anniversary of the foundation the year after next.

Daisenji Temple      Business hours:everyday 9:00AM~4:00PM    Phone: 0859-52-2158     Price: adult 300JPY  child  200JPY                                              Website:

There are many inns and restaurants at the trail base. One day I met cute girls there who were enjoying ‘foot hot spring’ which was made recently. They said they came from Hanoi, Vietnam. The trail base will be covered with deep snow around from late December.

Wonderful ? Combination of Temple and Coffee

 You can explore some temples which have been transformed from pure Buddhism into the mundane world. Inakaya is one of the sub-temples of Daisenji. But, today, you can enjoy nice coffee here. This is also a variety shop. You should worship the statue of Buddha, of course. Around Mt. Daisen area, you could discover your own space of wonder in addition to climbing.

Inakaya                                                                                                                                                            Business hours: everyday except Wednesdays                  9:30Am~5:00PM                        Phone: 0859-52-6110                    Price: coffee 400+tax JPY    

My tour to Mt. Daisen area is available from April to November.

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