special experience in a ball park

If you are tired of seeing historic places, and want to see something interesting, how about visiting a ball park?

Ko-shien ball park

It is said that how to cheer the team is a little different from that of the other countries.

Japanese fans make a special brass band team on a volunteer basis. In addition, all the fans cheer the team in a harmonious way.

Even though it is your first time to join it, you will fully be able to enjoy the atmosphere. 
In addiiton, the fans in Osaka really love Hanshin tigers, and cheer the team like a team,

It gives you a special fun.. Can you see the two plastic bats? Please hit these two along with cheering music.

You will feel everyone around you will be your friends!!

Just before the 7th ining, the fans fly the balloons to the sky unonimously !!
With cold beer and cheering !!

Most of the people living in Kansai region are enthusiastic Hanshin tigers fan. Osaka people are knonwn as the  most friendly and outgoing people. Actually, when I took my guests here, when we left a little early before the end of the game to avoid the crowd, the people surrounding us said, "Oh, are you going to leave?" " Take care!" 

Let's sing " Ha~~n shi~n tigeeeeers, furraaay furray furray furray! " easy and fun!

It is a kind of local communication!


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