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Surprises in the nostalgic Hita City

Weilin Z.

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Weilin Z.

Last updated : Mar 04, 20215 min read

Things To Do

Many people may be familiar with the famous Onsen(hot spring) city of Beppu located in Oita Prefecture of Kyushu Island. In fact besides the famous Beppu, there are many other interesting places where you can have a visit in Oita Prefecture. Today I will give you some idea about the Hita City which is located in the western part of Oita Prefecture as well as the centre of Northen Kyushu. 

Street view of Mameda-chou of Hita


The Hita City connects Fukuoka Prefecture and Kumamoto Prefecture, two most important areas in Kyushu Island. Surrounded by Aso Mountain and Kuju Mountain, the unique natural environment of basin has been helping the development of local ariculture and industry to the maxium, guaranteeing the comfortable life of the  residents living in Fukuoka area. Besides, Hita has been one of the most important junction hub among the Kyushu transportation net along the history. Therefore, it was directly under the jurisdiction of Bakufu in the era of Edo and has prospered as the policitcal, econonic and cultural centre of Kyushu during that period. When you wandering around the Mameda-chou area, you are able to enjoy the architectural style of the old times. Along the stone-paved streets, there stand various shops, stylish cafes or traditionsl pastry shops where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon. One site that you can not miss in Mameda-chou is the Hirose Museum, the former residence of Hirose Tanso, who was one of the most outstanding educator from the late 18th centry till middle 19th centry in Japan. The museum has a series of exhibition of the traditional stationery and life utensils of the old time.

Street view of Mameda-chou of Hita and lovely souvenir shop 

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 Hirose Museum

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After enjoying the easy time in Mameda-chou, let's have a look at other interesting places around the Hita city. First I would like to guide you to the factory of the famous beer brand "Sapporo". You are able to know the history of Sapporo beer, visit the production line and even try the fresh Sapporo beer! With a coin of 500 JPY, you can drink up to 3 glasses of the tasty draft beer and get a souvenir. 

The tour guide is showing how to make a glass of beer with best taste using can beer

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Fresh "Sapporo" draft beer and snack


Now you have tasted the fresh beer, now let's move to see how to make ume liqueur (Japanese plum brandy) and ume syrup. The handicraft workshop Kokoromi located in the "Hibiki no Sato" of Oyama-chou provides a series of hand-making experience for those who live and work in metropolis as well as for those families. You can bake bread, make ume-liqueur, ume-syrup, pickled ume, tofu, buckwheat noodle and other food. DIY experience of making nickknacks like candles and leather things are also available.   

Making Ume liqueur (Japanese plum brandy)

Few people know that the author of the popular manga <Attack on Titan> was born and brought up in Oyama-chou of Hita and his family also dedicated to the planting of plum. Therefore, special ume-liqueur products related to the manga are availabe here.

It is convenient to go to Hita while you are in the Kyushu island. You can take JR from Fukuoka or Beppu and get off at Hita Station. Highway bus can bring you to this place as well. It only takes you 10 minutes walking from JR Hita Station to get to the Mameda-chou. We highly recommend you to stop by Hita when you are traveling around Kyushu because you may get surprises in this nostalgic area! 


Access and Open time Information:

Hirose Museum

Address: 9-7 Mameda-chou, Hita, Oita

Open: 9:00~17:00 (Close: 1 Jan, 2 Jan; Monday;)

Entrance Fee: Adult 450JPY; Primary school, middle school and high school students 350JPY 

HP:http://hirose-museum.jp (Japanese)


Sapporo Beer Factory in Kyushu Hita 

Address: 6979 Daiji Takase, Hita, Oita

Open: 10:00~17:00  (Close: Wedneseday of January ~ April & December; New Year), reservation is required before the visit.

Entrance Fee: 1)Only visit the factory: free, beverage not included

                          2)Experience trip of draft beer: adult (above 20 years old) 500JPY (Including maxium 3 glasses of beer and one souvenir) 

                                Middle school students ~ teenagers below 20 years old: 300JPY (Including one softdrink and one souvenir)

                                Primary school students and below: free (Including one softdrink and one souvenir)

HP:http://www.sapporobeer.jp/brewery/shinkyusyu/kengaku/index.html  (Japanese)


"Hibiki no Sato" Handicraft workshop Kokoromi

Address: 4587 Nishi-oyama, Oyama-chou, Hita, Oita

Open: 9:00~17:00; reservation is required before the visit.

Entrance fee: free. Please check the website below to see the perspective charges of different kinds of workshop.

HP:http://www.hibikinosato.co.jp/?page_id=171  (Japanese)


Fukuoka Tour Guide - Kazue I.

Kazue I.

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Hi! I am Kazue. I am from Fukuoka and live in the central city. I spent almost 20 years traveling around the world as a cabin attendant. Meeting different people, different cultures and eating local food were best things in my career. This experience definitely widened my perspective and will help me in some way when I work as a guide. Since I spent half my life outside of Japan, I noticed our culture and traditions are very unique and became more interested in historical sites in Japan. For my personal life, I am a mom of twins. It is still a hard work but I am enjoying a lot with them. We take them around Kyushu whenever possible for their fun and experience. We all love traveling after all. I am looking forward to showing you around our hometown soon!                                                                                                                                  

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Hello, everyone!! My name is Yukihiro(行博), call me "HERO". I'm eager to introduce this unique country, Japan to foreign guests. I am not a professional interpreter. I have retired from Japan Ground Self-Defense Force(JGSDF=Japanese Army) on March 2018. 大家好! 我名字叫xing2 bo2, 請叫我xing bo。我喜歡跟外國遊客分享這個很有意思的國家---日本國。我是個業餘的翻譯導遊, 不太專業, 在2018年3月我退休了日本陸上自衛隊(日本陸軍)。 I have spent most of my career as a Army NCO(Non-commissioned officer) . My job experiences are only in the military, but there are variety of specialties, so I didn't feel boredom. I lived in many places all over Japan, such as Hokkaido 10years, Chiba 15years, Okinawa 8years and more places. 我在軍隊當陸軍士官過了大部分的生活。我的工作經驗只在軍隊內,但是它有很多兵種和工作,所以我沒有膩了。我住過日本各地的很多地方,例如北海道10年,千葉縣15年,沖繩8年還有別的有些地方。 I am working for the half of month as a tour-conductor in Okinawa Japan. Rest of month, I live in Nagasaki Prefecture, and work as a Triple Lights interpreter tour guide. 我一邊在沖繩當旅遊服務員大概半個月,一邊在九州長崎當Triple Lights的翻譯導游工作剩餘的月。 I am registered as a Okinawa prefectural interpreter tour guide (English & Chinese), but don't have a whole Japan area certification. So I am brushing my skill up to get it. 我登記了沖繩縣的地域翻譯導遊(英/中文),可是沒有全國的。所以為了獲得全國導遊資格,我正在繼續學外語。 I speak English, Chinese (simplify & traditional) , no problem to guide you, not like a native though. 我會說英語和中文(簡/繁),作為您的導游沒問題,沒有母語的人那麼好。                                                                                                                                 

Fukuoka Tour Guide - Tadashi M.

Tadashi M.

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Hello! My name is Tadashi. I was born and raised in Fukuoka and I've lived here all my life. I used to work for a local bank where I was mainly involved in export, import, and foreign exchange, etc. Afterwards I joined a university where I taught international economics and foreign trade for five years. I'm happy to arrange your tour plans according to your requests and help you to write your own unique story with me. If you're coming to Fukuoka for the first time, I recommend Tochoji Temple, Kushida Shrine and Fukuoka Castle Ruins where you can get feel for Japanese culture and history. Thirty minutes away from the center by train is Dazaifu. There you can enjoy a very famous shrine, Dazaifu Tenmangu, known as the home of " the god of literature or calligraphy." and Kyushu National Museum. Fukuoka is also a mecca for shopping and food. If you're coming to Fukuoka again, I recommend that you try local food, for example, Hakata Ramen-noodles in pork broth and locally caught fish. I can also take you to a traditional Japanese shopping arcade, Kawabata Shotengai. If you would like to get out of the city, we could go to Yanagawa, a town of canals, which is a one hour ride from the city center. You can try boat tours enjoying the leisurely view of the historic buildings and try Steamed Eel. Fukuoka travel tip: if you arrive in Fukuoka by JR, make sure to get off at "Hakata Station." Sorry, there's no "Fukuoka Station." on JR lines. Hakata is an old name for Fukuoka and your destination. I look forward to hearing from you soon.                                                                                                                                  

Fukuoka Tour Guide - Yasuhiko I.

Yasuhiko I.

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Hi! My name is Yasuhiko Ikeda, please call me "Yasu", meaning "hello" in Greek. After I worked in an electric company in Japan, I became a professional guide to introduce my town, my country. After Covid-19, tourism is back! you may want to have more private experiences like no other people had before. Then, my home, Fukuoka, has a lot to show you around. So many nice places, cultures, and nice local people with delicious local foods. I like sports, climbing, running etc. I also like to visit temples and shrines. I am also an active backpacker, (have been to 50+ countries mostly in Asia and Europe over 30 years) So, I suppose I know well about where you would like to visit. :) I have never lived outside of Japan, however, you may also feel better that my speaking English is not typical Japanese "flat" intonation. Where you would like to go, I will be there with you! I am looking forward to inquiry. -Yasu                                                                                                                                 

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