Tokyo National Museum

Japanese national treasure "Frolicking animals" is opening at the Heiseikan of Tokyo National Museum, 

It depicts the activities of anthropomorphized animals and people in energetic monochrome ink lines.

It is said to be the origin of Japanese "Manga" and "Anime".

In this Tokyo National Museum, there is a large Japanese garden just back of this Heiseikan.

Three old and famed tea-rooms are located along the pond. 


Purple Azaria is blooming.

This is Hyokeikan and was built in 1909. Typical western-style architecture from the Meiji era with a green roof and reliefs of musical instruments on the exterior walls.

This is the center of Ueno Park, which was used to be the territory of Kaneiji-temple. Kaneiji-temple was the main temple of Tokugawa Shogun Familly. After the Meiji Restoration, the territory was reduced. Then Meiji new government changed this site into the first public park in 1924.





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