Trendy Izakaya Tour in Tokyo, Don't miss it.

Izakaya tour in the evening is top-rated for the tourists from overseas. I, Masato Niitsu, a National Tour Guide, planned the walking explore a few years ago. I, Masato Niitsu, have a certificated license of the National Tour Guide.
I used to be ranked number one on a matching web site of prospective tourists oversea and the National Tour Guide in Japan.

Izakaya is a Japanese style casual restaurant. You can enjoy all kinds of drinks and foods. It is relaxed so that you can talk and laugh in a loud voice.
First, we go to the Izakaya, where you can choose your favorite drink and foods from a menu with big color pictures and price. After enjoying there with local people, I bring you to two unique districts.

One is a narrow alley where clouded with small bars with only 7 or 8 sheets. Delicious foods at the bar are Yakitori and Oden. Yakitori is a Japanese style skewered chicken, and Oden is a fishcake and vegetable stew.

Another is a particular area where there are about 200 small bars with only 5 or 6 sheets in 600 square meters. Novel writers, movie directors, actors and actresses, and editors used to come here. It was like a culture area.

We walk through the alley and the area, and most busy entertainment district in the night in Tokyo, namely in the world not dropping in any bar.

It takes about three hours. You 'd better put comfortable shoes.
If you want, I can bring you to any place you wish to before dinner at Izakaya.

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