Tsukiji Fish Market

The inner market

Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest wholesale fish market in the world.

It has 80 years of history, and it consists of the inner market and the outer market.

The inner market is for professionals.  Chefs of many exclusive restaurants in Tokyo come to get the best seafood in the inner market very early morning.The famous tuna auction is held here,too. You have to get up so early to queue up and see the auction.  But it isn't all it's happening here.

The inner market of Tsukiji Fish Market is open to public from 9:00am, after most of major business is done.

You can still feel the lively atomosehere and watch fishmongers fillet fish and displays of many kinds of seafood.

It will be relocated soon for the preparation of Tokyo Olympic in 2020. 

Why not visit the inner market to be a witness of this historic market?

Check out here!


The outer market

In the outer market, lots of shops offer you a taste of Japan, such as dried bonitoes, sushi, Japanese style omlet, green tea, and so on!

There are some knife shops, too, if you are interested in cooking and looking for a Japanese cooking knife.

And there is a street with many bars open from very early morning, so you can try a tuna bowl, ramen noodle, soba noodle in a casual manner for breakfast.

It is fun just to visit the outer market skipping the inner market.






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