Where are you? ~My upset experience~

I was so upset at the station where I should have met my guests.

She didn't have mobile phone instead she had a WIFI mobile text messenger.

She sent me she was in B1 eantrance.  I told her that there are two B1 entrance on both south and north entrance.

So, I asked her to come to the  Central entrance , Chuo Kaisatsu-guchi in Japanese.  

I waited and waited but I couldn't find her.  SoI rushed to the both B1 entrance of south and north.

But nobody was there.   I felt very insecure.  " What  can I do If I couldn't find my guests!?"

I sent a message to seek advice to my company what I should do.   They suggested to me that I  just continue to do the best to find them.

Then, suddenly, I got a text message which said they were in one skyscraper building B1. Their WIFI moved very slow , so,

I couldn't get the message on time.  

" Oh, my god!!  They  were not in  an entrance B1 but they were in a building's B1 , the basement floor 1 of the building!!"

I suddenly understood everything and rushed and rushed to the building's B1.   There,  finally I found my guests.

How relieved I was at that time!  It took me more than 1 hour to find them.

What was lucky is  they were very kind people and we could continue our tour though one hour delay as scheduled.  

I really appreciate their patience.  

What I learnt on the day is to seek every possibility and do my best.

Cherry blossoms petals had almost fallen down.  The surface of the moat turned pink.

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Free Tour In Tokyo wherever you like

8 hours

You can choose 3 or 4 areas you like below . *Imperial palace eastern garden and Marunouchi *Asakusa: Kaminarimon gate, Sensouji temple *Tokyo Sky tree *Tokyo Tower *Roppongi *Omotesando : High-end brand shops' walking and Meiji-jingu shrine *Ginza :High-end brand shops' walking *Hamarikyu Japanese garden & Sumida river cruse *Odaiba : future seaside areas ...or more...

FROM$237/ per group

One day trip to Hakone

12 hours

You can enjoy one day trip to Hakone by using Hakone oneday pass and Romance car. Hakone is one of the closest hot spring spot from Tokyo and also has beautiful nature and culture. You can visit many parks, museums , shrines , touring spots and watch Mt.Fuji if weather permits.

FROM$323/ per group

4-hour Tokyo Night Tour: Explore Shinjuku’s Nightlife

4 hours

Shinjuku, on the western edge of Tokyo, is a city within a city that truly never sleeps. In this private night tour, we will be exploring the Samurai Museum to get an authentic taste of the Japanese samurai culture. See Times Square Takashimaya - Japan's most renowned departmental stores. Then enjoy authentic Japanese food at any restaurant of your choice. We will end the tour with the amazing panoramic view of Tokyo at night from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building observatory deck.

FROM$127/ per group

Hamarikyu Japanese garden, Sumida river cruse and Plus one

8 hours

In the morning, we enjoy Hamarikyu Garden which is one of Tokyo's most beautiful garden. Then we have Sumida river cruse from there. In the afternoon, We enjoy the downtown area of Asakusa. You can taste Tokyo's unique food Monja-yaki and Okonomiyaki or of course sushi and tempura here as lunch. From here, you can choose any place you want to go to as much as time allows.

FROM$237/ per group

Imperial Palace Eastern Garden and Asakusa & Tokyo Sky Tree

8 hours

*Walk in Imperial Palace Eastern Garden and learn the difference between Shogun and Emperor.*Have lunch in front of Tokyo station*Visit Asakusa , Kaminarimon, Nakamise shopping street and Sensoji temple*Climb up Tokyo Sky Tree which is 634 meters high.(This can omit and change different plans you like)*Enjoy shopping either Ginza or Omotesando.

FROM$237/ per group

Cherry blossoms tour in Imperial Palace and Japanese garden

8 hours

You can enjoy hundreds of cherry blossoms in the precinct of Imperial Palace and Japanese garden (Roppongi or Kourakuen garden) where you can enjoy tea ceremony. After enjoying full blossoms of cherry trees, you can choose your lunch from tens thousands of restaurants such as sushi, tendon(rice bowl with sweet tempra) , Teppanyaki and so on. Let's enjoy together in one spring awesome day!

FROM$237/ per group

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