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Which gifts to bring from Japan

1. Japanese Knives

The most important thing in a knife is steel. Japan is one of the most advanced steel manufacturers in the world. Any even mass-produced product made of Japanese alloys will last you a long time. Japan also has a rich history of producing swords, which over time has transformed into the production of knives, professional scissors for hairdressers and even tools for gardening and pruning dwarf bonsai trees. A knife from Japan will always be a good gift and a memorable attribute of your trip to Japan.


2. Japanese watch

For all watch enthusiasts Switzerland is of course the mecca of watch accessories, but often the goods of European watchmakers are overvalued and inaccessible due to very high demand. I can confidently declare that Japanese watches are not inferior to Swiss watches in quality and design and are even superior in cost/quality aspect ratio. Serviceability of such watches is also possible worldwide. And of course Japan being the motherland of quartz watches is very advanced in the production of electronic watches and models with all kinds of electronic functionality from GPS sensors to the integration of fitness trackers and payment systems.


3. Japnese Beauty Goods

The Japanese are very picky and demanding when it comes to beauty products, so if you buy beauty care or decorative cosmetics from Japanese brands, you can be sure that everything is of the highest quality and safe.  The Japanese market offers cosmetics of the highest level. You can visit boutiques of famous Japanese brands like Shiseido, Pola, Kanebo, or the stands of these brands in any of the prestigious department stores.  But if you are a budget tourist, you will be pleasantly surprised by visiting the local pharmacies where the lines of these brands are sold at very affordable prices.



4.  Japanese Green Tea

Japan is a global supplier of the most exclusive and delicate varieties of green leaf tea and matcha tea.  You may be surprised that there are very few places in Japan where you can taste different kinds of green tea. Even the most prestigious restaurants often don't have much of an assortment, and there are many where you'll be offered tea as a free drink with your meal.  I recommend choosing Japanese tea at special tea stands in any of the Japanese department stores.  Especially appreciated are teas from the Uji region near Kyoto and Shizuoka Prefecture, where tea is grown literally on the slopes of Mount Fuji. Japanese green tea is a whole world that I recommend getting to know well.



5. Japanese Pearls

I guess this is my recommendation for rather wealthy spectrum of tourists. For many years Mikimoto bard is leading in rearing and producing jewelry made of high quality Japanese Akko pearls that are famous for their ideal shape and depth of pearl luster.  The thing is that in Japanese culture pearls play a great role as a formal piece of jewelry to be worn for flamboyant events and important social occasions. If you love the classics, it is worth visiting the district of Ginza with its headliner store of Mikimoto brand, and if you prefer a more Western approach to design, then there are stores of Tasaki Brands, also in Ginza, which is known for its aggressive and unconventional approach to the design of its jewelry, like cutting the pearls and decorating it with diamonds



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