With a family from USA

I had a good time with a family from USA.

As they have a 6-year-old boy, I tailored  half-day tours especially for them.
Our tour is as follows

Day 1 

Meeting them in the lobby of the hotel at 9AM

Tenryuji temple ( zen temple listed as a UNESCO world heritage site)

walking Bamboo forest

Otagi nenbutsu dera temple with 1000 stone statues

walking the preserved area Oku-saga

Gioji temple with mini-moss garden

Dropping in at Japanese indigo shop

( while the tour they enjoyed a little shopping too )


Meeting at Sanjo keihan station at 12:30 

Fushimi Inari shrine. ( walking through red torii gate tunnel )

Yasaka pagoda

walking Sannen-zaka,

Kiyomizu temple

walking GIon Shinbashi showing Okiya and Ochaya, the way of life of Geisha


By accident,

we drop in at Japanese Indigo shop with a workshop place.  According to the staff of the shop, the fermented dyeing material is used only in Japanese method though there are some places you can see indigo dyeing in the world. The deep blue made in the indigo dyeing cannot be made by artificial method or paints.


 https://triplelights.com/japan/kyoto/tour/42/kyoto-high-lights  Kyoto highlights

https://triplelights.com/japan/kyoto/tour/43/arashiyama-walking-tour  Arashiyama walking tour 

Stone statues of Otagi nenbutsu dera temple


At the last part of the tours, we had a chance to talk with Japanese junior high school students. It seemed they really enjoyed the conversation with the students who are just one year older than their daughter. The conversation was filled with smile and laghter.

I hope they enjoyed the tour with me!! 


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