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I’m Tanzanian through and through, with a misplaced affinity for cheesy romance movies (who doesn’t love Titanic!) and Country and Western music (something my friends are forever teasing me about). The first thing you’ll notice about me is that I love meeting new people and making them smile. The second is that I have a deep passion for and knowledge of my home country.

If you’re setting foot in Africa for the first time, Tanzania can seem bewildering, daunting, and exotic. But I’m here to settle you in and give you insider knowledge about our language, customs and beliefs. How do you eat ugali with one hand? Everyone learns ‘jambo’ as a greeting, but what words do Tanzanians really use? What do local people do when they believe their personal ‘star’ is no longer shining? Kevin, can you teach me how to moonwalk? (why yes!)

You’ll have me on hand to help and advise you before, throughout, and even after your tour – perhaps you’ll even join me on another one of my experiences! After booking your place on my tour, you’ll receive some personal pre-travel advice on Tanzanian etiquette, and a little on the  language – starting with; ‘how on earth do you pronounce Ngorongoro?’

A few things you should know about the people of Tanzania: we love to smile, laugh, sing, dance, and have fun (any excuse!) We wear our hearts on our sleeves and form friendships quickly and naturally. In fact, in my native language, Kiswahili, the word ‘mgeni’ meaning ‘foreigner’, is the same as the word for ‘guest’. Here you are not a tourist but a new companion, and that is the feeling I want you to experience as your personal host. Karibu nyumbani! Tanzania welcomes you home!


I can work on sunday at evenings

I can guide you in anywhere in Tanzania if you let me know in advance


Afro dance Class

Dar es Salaam
3 hours

If you want to immerse yourself in the music scene and nightlife of Dar es Salaam, you gotta have the moves to groove with it! Spend the afternoon in a two-hour Afrobeats dance class with expert instructors who will have you getting down low and shaking your booty. Once you’re confidence you’ve got the moves like Jagger we’ll head to the scene. I’ll offer you a variety of music hangouts to strut your stuff with the locals, depending on your music taste.

FROM$35/ per person

Tanzania nightclub

Dar es Salaam
4 hours

When one thinks of Tanzania, usually what comes to mind is the lush green plains and safari adventures to explore the wide range of exotic wild animals that roam around freely. However, that is not all there is to Tanzania and there is a lot more to explore, such as the very happening nightlife scene of the Tanzanian cities, such as Dar es Salaam.

FROM$39/ per person

Learn Swahili and Shopping at Kariakoo

Dar es Salaam
2 hours

They say the best way to learn a language is just to start speaking it. This combined experience will have you conversing with the locals by the afternoon -guaranteed! We’ll start the day by introducing you to the beautifully phonic and melodic language of Kiswahili. focusing on how to order food and buy goods. Then, once you’re confident with some key phrases, we’ll head out to the most bustling market area in Dar: Kariakoo market.

FROM$35/ per person

Mwenge Carvers and paitings Market

Dar es Salaam
2 hours

If you are looking for traditional African sculptures and crafts then the Mwenge Carvers Market in Mwenge is a great source of Makonde artwork. This is a huge centre where about 200 artists can create and sell their work. Many stalls are shared by a number of artists, but you will also see plenty of carvers hard at work on an open patch of ground.

FROM$20/ per person

Let's go wild Mikumi National Park

9 hours

You can't say you're in Morogoro if you don't go for a safari. Since is my hometown i prepared a day trip safari to Mikumi national park, provides great safari experience regardless of the time you have in Tanzania. I made this trip to suit your interest, budget and time. It’s the most accessible park and the Fourth largest park in Tanzania

FROM$300/ per group

A morning visit ― Tanzanian food cooking

Dar es Salaam
3 hours

Food is life in Tanzania. But this isn’t just a food tour of the city. The day kicks off with a cooking class where we’ll be learning how to make mandazi (sweet doughnuts) and cook ugali (a staple food in Tanzania). Whilst you’re honing your new craft I’ll tell you all about the culinary specialities of Tanzania, and what the locals eat on pretty much a daily basis. Then it comes to eating!

FROM$35/ per person



Rebecka M.

Jan 9, 2023

Birthday gift

we ordered a dance class for our friend's birthday. Kevin and zagotora came to our hotel and we had a wonderful experience with dance and music

Kevin A.

Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to express that. Hope will meet again next time.